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    Placenta position

    I got my mid pregnancy ultrasound results in and I have an anterior, low lying placenta. This is disappointing because with an anterior placenta many of the baby's smaller movements will be padded and more difficult to detect. I think I can feel some larger movements... kind of feels like there is a fish inside me or something, but the ultrasound technician seemed skeptical. The low lying placenta is not the greatest either because if it doesn't move as the uterus grows then that increases the chance of a cesarean delivery. Anyone else have similar placental positions? What was the ultimate delivery outcome?

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    I had placenta prévia with my second, but it corrected itself before 28 weeks. I believe it’s a very small percentage of women who have it into their third trimester, so I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you.

    And I had a cesarean, but it had nothing to do with the placenta
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    I had an anterior placenta with my first pregnancy. I didn't feel my daughter until like 22-24 weeks, and then I only felt her kicking in specific spots. But I was still able to feel her plenty! I'm 20 weeks this time and my placenta is in the back, and I'm not feeling much movement yet, so I don't think it really affected how much I felt her. Also, my placenta was lowish at my first scan this time, and they didn't say anything about it at my anatomy scan, so I'm assuming it moved up? They said most cases do!

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    I can't help with the anterior placenta, but the placenta this pregnancy was found to be partially covering the cervix at 12 weeks. It was low-lying (not covering) at 20 weeks, and again at 28 weeks. At this point I was nervous as I did not want a c-section! At 34 weeks it was cleared, and just had another ultrasound at 37+3 which confirmed. Baby isn't here yet but I have been told the placenta won't stop me from having a natural delivery. I have been told by lots of different people that low-lying placentas correct themselves in a huge number of cases. Wishing you the best of luck!

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    Thanks everyone! I'm hoping that it will move into a better place and it sounds like there a great chance of this happening.

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