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    Bit of an older thread, but I had to jump in here. I know a fair few children / young people with this name, and every single one has the -ael spelling. They're all either English or Welsh and pronounce it exactly the same as Nathaniel. It's always interested me how Nathanael is quite well-used in my circles, yet Nathaniel has very little usage. I can think of one Nathaniel I used to know, but that's about it.

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    If this was for a first name, I would without a doubt suggest you go the more common spelling, since the child will have to spell his name out all the time. As a middle, you can do what you want. People very rarely write down middle names, especially not their own. So the child will write it, but it would be very uncommon for someone else to be spelling it out, so go with what you prefer
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    In the middle spot it's probably fine, although my Godsister named her first son Nathanuel and I know she regrets it.

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