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    Peter and Eugenie's baby sister

    We welcomed our third child last month, a little sister for Peter and Eugenie.

    After much ado, we named her Antonia Darling.

    Antonia is a name we have loved for years - it's a family name for me and it also honours my husband's heritage. I love that it's both sweet and strong, playful yet smart. We actually considered it when I was pregnant with Eugenie, but when she was born, we knew Antonia just did not fit. This little girl, however, is an Antonia. Everyone who's met her thinks her name suits her to a T!

    Darling is a very special name for us. Peter Pan is my husband's and my favourite childhood book, and I almost cried when I found this out at one of our first dates. Darling is also quite similar to my mother-in-law's maiden name.

    Our nickname for her was going to be the oh-so-simple Annie, but we're also calling her Tony, Antoinette, Nia and Toto. Her brother's pet name for her is Toto Bean, which I think is too cute.

    Other names on our list were Martha, Magda, Tilda, Ramona, Goldie and Sabrina, but Antonia trumps them all for us. We love the connection to Saint Anthony of Padua and Anton Chekhov, beside other things. Had she been a boy, her name would have been Robin.

    Antonia is such a sweet and easy baby and everyone loves her. Thanks Nameberry for helping us choose her name!
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    Perfect name! Congratulations!
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    How sweet! Congratulations!!

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    Darling is my great grandma’s middle name and I plan to use it if I ever have a girl. Your daughter name is wonderful. Congratulations!

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    Congratulations! Antonia Darling is a wonderful name.
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    Antonia Darling is beautiful! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations! Antonia Darling is a gorgeous name - straight from a vintage storybook and works fabulously with Peter and Eugenie - an amazing sibling set
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    Antonia Darling is so sweet! Congratulations!
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    When I read the name Antonia Darling, I completely melted! That is so gorgeous. What a fabulous connection for you and your husband. Peter Pan is magical.

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