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    Juno, Kit and finally...

    Late last night we welcomed our third and final baby into the world: a little sister to join big sibs Juno Matilda and Kit Valentine.

    We named her Anouk Helena.

    As many on here will know, Anouk is a name I’ve loved for a very, very long time. I love its simple, striking sound, and the way that (to me) it manages to feel sweet, solid and sophisticated all at the same time. We have French family on DH’s side, and Anne is an important family name on mine, so it feels like a perfect marriage of the two.

    Helena is also a meaningful name on both sides: by strange coincidence, it’s the name that both of our mothers really wanted for DH and me, but neither was able to use it. We think it’s a strong, beautiful, underused classic, and one of my favourite nicknames — Nell — is waiting in the wings should she ever want another option.

    Like our other children’s names, Anouk doesn’t really lend itself to nicknames, but she’s already accumulated a fair few pet names: Anoushka, Noush, Nou, Nouk, Nanook... As a Russian speaker, I especially love the former, so I hope it sticks!

    Anouk has been by far our hardest baby to name. For months, she was going to be Ramona TuesdayRamona for the children’s book character and the Bob Dylan song, and Tuesday for the day we found out I was pregnant and the day we found out she was a girl — but I started to get cold feet in the final weeks. Other names on our not-so-short list were Astrid, Flora, Ines, Nell and Tess. But Anouk would always have been “the one that got away”, and I’m so glad we went for it!

    Thank you so much to the wonderful Nameberry community for all your words of wisdom over the past few months. Wish us luck!
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    Congratulations!! And of course, a beautiful name, I was expecting nothing less

    Anouk has such a lovely old-world charm and she fits so nicely with Juno and Kit! I'm 100% in for the nn Anoushka also, so sweet! Hope you are enjoying these first few wild days of welcoming a new little soul to the family. Take care x
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    How exciting! Congratulations! Your babies are always named so beautifully, and this is no exception... just beautiful!
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    Oh how beautiful! The multiple meanings are perfect and sentimental. I love how you describe the name as it would have been "the one that got away." That right there speaks volumes! Congratulations!
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    "The one that got away" is beautifully put.

    Congratulations! I've been excited to see what name you would choose for her and I am not disappointed, such a gorgeous choice, and it goes so well with Juno and Kit too.

    I hope you are both doing well and settle into your new routine easily. Best wishes!
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