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Thread: Quick CAF

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    Jun 2016
    DH(65): Saint Anton (LN: Clement)
    DW(63): Rhys Maria Angela (LN: Penn)

    DS1(40): Dean Cameron
    DD1(38): Lily Johanna
    DS2(35): Peter Christopher


    DS1(40): Dean Cameron
    DW(38): Monica Anne-Marie (LN: Behr)

    DS1(15): Quinten Robert
    DS2(14): Arthur Nathaniel
    DD(11): Carmen Rhys
    DS(9): Georgie Liam
    DD(5): Hannah Honor
    DS(4): Ambrose Brian


    DD1(38): Lily Johanna
    DH(41): Matthew James Graham (LN: Forester)

    DD/DD(13): Luna Genevieve & Rumi Gwyneth
    DS(9): Teddy Thomas
    DD(7): Summer Willow
    DS(6): Elliott Ethan


    DS2(35): Peter Christopher
    DW(35): Vivienne Noelle Rose (LN: Atlo, Abel)

    DS(11): Sonnet Leo Jude
    DD(9): Daisy Alice Ella
    DD(6): Cara Juno Bea
    DS(4): River Maddox Pip
    DD/DS(exp): Perla Maisie Joy & Seamus Arthur Lorcan

    carrigan ruth, 18, infp, ravenclaw

    orlaith blossom, lilith autumn, allie cosette, lucille maeva, perla dottie

    seamus arthur, pascal titus, caspar viggo, lancelot maxim, darcy remus

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    Nov 2015
    No Coast
    Husband(65): Sterling August Clement
    Wife(63): Renee Mariah Alexandra Pratt

    DS1(40): David Cameron Clement
    DD1(38): Lydia Joesphine Clement
    DS2(35): Philip Christopher Clement

    DS1(40): David Cameron Clement
    DW(38): Monica Anne-Marie Bills
    DS1(15): Quade Ryan Clement
    DS2(14): August Nathanial Clement
    DD(11): Chloe Renee Clement
    DS(9): Gallagher Lawson Clement
    DD(5): Harper Hayes Clement
    DS(4): Asher Bryan Clement

    DH(41): Matthew James George Ferris
    DD1(38): Lydia Joesphine Clement
    DD/DD(13): Luna Genevive Ferris / Rumi Georgia Ferris
    DS(9): Theo Tyson Ferris
    DD(7): Sage Willow Ferris
    DS(6): Ever Ethan Ferris

    DS2(35): Philip Christopher Clement
    DW(35): Victoria Nicole Rose Abel
    DS(11): Skye Logan Jude Clement
    DD(9): Daisy Alice Ella Clement
    DD(6): Carson Juno Bay Clement
    DS(4): Ridley Maddox Penn Clement
    EXP: Bailey Gideon Kane Clement (boy) OR Saylor Nova Lane Clement (girl)
    Stephanie Rae
    American. 80's Baby. INFJ. Gryffinclaw. Reader. Gamer. Crafter. Hamilton Trash

    💍 10.06.18 💍
    Furbabies: Alexander Hamilton *Hammy*, Marquis de Lafayette *Laffy*, & Liberty Bell *Libby*
    Current drafts: Evangeline Alabanza Lore *Evie* & Judah Watson Lore *Jude*
    My naming style is: eclectic, literary, globalist, futurist, boho, preppy, a little bit vintage, a little bit rock'n'roll
    NB hobbyhorse: the Name Games forum / NB pet peeve: etymological fallacies

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    Oct 2015
    Husband(65): Sterling August (Clement)
    Wife(63): Rhea Marie Alexandra (Penn)

    DS1(40): Dean Cameron
    DD1(38): Lily Josephine
    DS2(35): Philip Carlyle

    DS1(40): Dean Cameron
    DW(38): Monica Anne-JaneNica’ (Behr)
    DS1(15): Quentin Roger
    DS2(14): August NicholasGus
    DD1(11): Charlotte Rhea
    DS3(9): Gallagher LawsonGal
    DD2(5): Hazel Honour
    DS4(4): Asher Bryan

    DH(41): Marlowe James Graham LN: Forester
    DD1(38): Lily Josephine
    DD1/DD2(13): Luna Genevive and Rosie Georgia
    DS1(9): Theo Thomas
    DD3(7): Sage Willow
    DS2(6): Emmett Ethan

    DS2(35): Philip Carlyle
    DW(35): Vivienne Nicole Rose (Abel)
    DS1(11): Sutton Leo Jude
    DD1(9): Delilah Alice Elle
    DD2(6): Collins Juliet Bea
    DS2(4): River Marlowe Penn
    EXP: ??? Murphy George Gray or Murphy Frances Pearl

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    May 2013
    Husband(65): Sterling August (Clement)
    Wife(63): Reese Marie Alannah (Peters)

    DS1(40): Daniel Cameron
    DD1(38): Lily Johanna
    DS2(35): Peter Carlyle

    DW(38): Mandy Anne-Jane (Bills)
    DS1(15): Quinlan Robert
    DS2(14): August Nicholas
    DD(11): Charlotte Reese
    DS(9): Giles Lawerence
    DD(5): Hannah Hayes
    DS(4): Abel Brogan

    DH(41): Matthew James Graham Forester
    DD/DD(13): Luna Genevieve & Rosie Gwyneth
    DS(9): Theo Thomas
    DD(7): Summer Willow
    DS(6): Elliott Ethan

    DW(35): Veronica Noelle Rose (Atlo)
    DS(11): Sutton Logan Jay
    DD(9): Dallas Audrey Elle
    DD(6): Collins Juliet Bea
    DS(4): River Marlowe Penn
    EXP: DD: Indiana Noelle Gray
    Vasiliki, 22, fond of cats, coffee & chocolate.

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