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    Rosa, Gracie, or Alita?

    Good evening!
    So we've been considering those names lately, and don't know what do choose. We like Rosa for how it still means "rose", but are different from the name Rose or Rosie. It's not that obvious (which sometimes make us feel really awkward). Gracie is basically for the same reason, and is even cuter. And for Alita, it's rare, sweet, and we love the sounding of it and the nn Ali.
    So, which one would you guys pick and why?

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    I'd pick Rosa. It's timeless , it's strong and with the movie Alita coming out the name could either become really dated or really popular.
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    And also what about Seraphina (nn Sarah)?
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    I loooooove Rosa! It's got so much appeal as a well rounded, unique yet familiar name.

    I misread Alita as Attila (as in the Hun), but perhaps thats just me because I'm not familiar with the name and my eyes were looking for something they recognized.

    What about Anita nn Ani?
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    Ok thanks guys.

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