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    Calling puzzle solvers! Anagram or derivative from Elsie?

    I've always wanted to name my child after my grand mother, but only had a son. This is my last child, and I am afraid this one will be a boy as well. I would still like to name my child after my grandma, but I'm having a hard time thinking of names. I want a boys name that has a same sound, most of the letters in her name or a derivative. I am not very good with word puzzles. I want to avoid any -an -in -on (ie Mason) ending names. Any suggestions?
    I have:


    My grandmother's name is Elsie Mae

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    I think Ellis works great!

    Other ideas:
    Ernest (Nn Ernie)

    Keeping with her initals:
    Edmond Miles
    Edgar Murphy
    Eric Magnus
    Edward Malcolm
    Evander Martin
    Ezra Monroe
    Ethan Mathew
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    Miles & Eames use many letters from her full name, Elsie Mae. I think with all the puzzling though, it does take away from using the important namesake, to a point that it gets way too obscure from the name itself.

    I think your best bet for a namesake that is still obviously a namesake, is to use a name beginning with El-. Your Eli would be fantastic, also perhaps Elijah, Elliott or Elisha, the latter containing the S too which is great. You could also use her initials E.M. to honor her that way, using any E or M name you like.

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    I didn't think about E and M initials. I'm having a hard time because I'm not liking any El boys names. Also, a lot of the names I'm finding it seems they are extremely popular. I might look up Em starting names too. Thanks for the suggestions.

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