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    Feb 2015
    DS1 (28): Cassius Dexter Mulligan [Straight black hair, blue eyes]
    -exDF: Mia London Dawson
    --DD/DD (2): Isla Jane Mulligan / Maeve Katia Mulligan
    -DW: Magdalena Guinevere (Lawrence) Mulligan "Lena"
    --DS (nb): Aleksei Finbar Mulligan
    -BFF: Ophelia Johansson, James Virgo
    -Hobbies: Hunting
    -Rescues a stray Labrador retriever and keeps him as a pet
    -Adopts a cat

    DD3 (27): Harriet Ida (Mulligan) Murphy [Straight blonde hair, green eyes]
    -DH: Logan Samuel Murphy
    --DS (2): Hayden Thomas Murphy
    --DS/DS (nb): Lachlan Flynn Murphy / Sebastian Arlo Murphy
    -BFF: Odessa Hinton, Camden Fletcher
    -Hobbies: Golf
    -Higher education: PhD. in Marine Biology
    -Goes on week long camping trip with Prim's family
    -Co-Writes a popular children's story with Raya and Valentin

    DD1 (25): Soraya Guinevere Mulligan [Curly light brown hair, brown eyes]
    -DW: Lana Everly Craft
    --Miscarriage after IVF
    -BFF: Oaklynn Van Der Berg, Blair Roland
    -Hobbies: Diving
    -Job: Neurologist at a hospital
    -Starts family vlogging
    -Co-Writes a popular children's story with Harriet and Valentin

    DD2 (24): Primrose Cecily (Mulligan) Ramsay [Long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes]
    -DH: Peter Cole Ramsay
    --DD (5): Clare Phoenix Ramsay
    --DD (3): Evrose Nicole Ramsay
    --DD (nb): Lily Petra Ramsay
    -BFF: Lina Satrapi, Emmeline Anders, Kate Holloway
    -Hobbies: Gambling
    -Higher education: Pharmacy, MPH program
    *Clare is enrolled in violin lessons
    -Goes on week long camping trip with Harriet's family
    -Peter opens a business (pharmacy)

    DS2 (24) : Valentin William Mulligan [Curly light brown hair, brown eyes]
    -exDW: June (Murphy) Mulligan
    --DS/DS (1): Declan Eamon Mulligan / Damien Ronan Mulligan
    -BFF: Forest Langley, Makenna Eyres
    -Hobbies: Golf
    -Job: Cleaner, Vlogger
    -Starts family vlogging
    -Writes a popular children's story with Harriet and Raya

    Dog (deceased): Kinley
    Dog (deceased): Potter
    Turtle (10): Waldo
    Ferret (deceased): Cleo
    Cat (deceased): Tora
    Dog (7): Merrigan
    Dog (3): Cohen
    Cat (2): Talcott
    Auria Lauren ~ Logan Brendley ~ Evrose Skye ~ Aleksei Merritt
    Alexandria * Phoenix * Kiera * Aria * Raine * Ariadne * Alexia * Linnea * Kannalia * Maren * Sasha * Harriet * Eliza * Talia * Seren * Catalina * Adelina * Katerina * Indie * Sinclair
    Dexter = Declan = Evander = Keefe = Kieran = Payton = Hayden = Kyson = Finnian = Orion = Cadan = River = Roman = Lachlan "Loki" = Isaac = Malakai = Atlas = Tristan = Sebastian = Flynn = Elijah = Luca = Callan = Sage = Finnegan = Roan = Soren

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    Jul 2009
    Patrick & Fiona Mulligan
    -Dog: Scout
    [Event 1] adopt a puppy
    [Event 2] cross country road trip
    [Event 3] moves to a new house
    [Event 4] spends the summer at their lake house

    DD [29]: Romilly Magnolia
    -Wavy red hair, hazel eyes
    -Husband: Cole Peter Ramsay
    --DS [3]: Gideon Cole
    --DD [nb]: Everly Magnolia
    -Best friends: Anna-Kate & Ethan
    -Hobbies: socializing, camping, hiking, rock climbing, & golf
    -Job: Teacher
    [9] Straight A’s & joins Girl Scouts
    [14] Starts gymnastics & gets braces
    [19] Surprise birthday party & attends concert
    [24] Climbs a mountain & sees a Broadway musical
    [29] Goes on a week long camping trip & Cole opens a business

    DS [27]: Maverick Wilder
    -Short dark brown hair, hazel eyes
    -Wife: Gemma Quinn Reed
    --DS/DS [2]: Malcolm Colt & Malachi Fox
    -Best friend: Asher
    -Studying: Physical Therapy (masters)
    -Hobbies: soccer, bugs, music, bowling, & diving
    [7] Joined the baseball team & meets their hero
    [12] Gets suspended & goes to summer camp
    [17] Gets suspended & attends concert
    [22] Starts volunteering at an animal shelter & gets featured in local newspaper
    [27] Learns a second language and vacations in its country of origin & wins small lottery jackpot

    DD [25]: Cecily Willow
    -Straight blonde hair, green eyes
    -Husband: Tyson Kain Princeton
    --DD [6]: Esme Norah Princeton
    ---taking violin lessons
    -Best friends: Sierra, Madison, & Sydney
    -Hobbies: dancing, singing, hiking, acting, & yoga
    -Extra Curricular Activity: Joined student union
    -Job: Nurse
    [5] Straight A’s & goes to summer camp
    [10] Straight A’s & attends first concert
    [15] Pregnancy scare & receives fish for Christmas
    [20] Goes backpacking in Europe & sees a Broadway musical
    [25] Goes on week long camping trip & hosts neighborhood barbecue

    DS [24]: Elliot Grey
    -Straight blonde hair, green eyes
    -Wife: Eliza Taylor Shaw
    -DS [1]: Ezra Nolan
    -Best friend: August
    -Hobbies: gaming, bugs, politics, wood working, & golf
    -Job: Engineer
    [4] Playground injury & makes a new friend
    [9] Has first crush & stars in school play
    [14] Straight A’s & is cyber bullied
    [19] Swims with dolphins & appears on a reality TV show
    [24] Buys a house & adopts a cat (Oliver)

    DD [24]: Freya Iris
    -Long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes
    -Fiancé: Spencer Vincent Dawson
    -DD [nb]: Ivy Charlotte
    -Best friend: Felicity
    -Hobbies: reading, writing, running, sailing, & gardening
    -Job: Speech Therapist
    [4] Learns how to ride a bike & swim
    [9] Makes a new friend & starts piano
    [14] Wins an award & wins a competition
    [19] Starts volunteering at an animal shelter & sees a Broadway musical
    [24] Rescues a stray cat (Rosie) and keeps it as a pet & writes a popular children’s book
    Favorite Girls: Delilah, Emerson, Esme, Fiona, Greer, Hadley, Harper, Indie, Isla, Maisie, Mila, Navy, Penelope, Piper, Poppy, Quinn, Sloane, Sutton, Tallulah, Wren

    Favorite Boys: August, Bennett, Carter, Declan, Elliot, Everett, Ezra, Ford, Grayson, Harrison, Henry, Jasper, Jude, Malcolm, Maxwell, Miles, Oliver, Owen, Sebastian, Theodore

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    May 2015
    Patrick & Fiona Mulligan

    DS(29): Sampson Alden
    -curly light brown hair, brown eyes

    -DW(27): Lola Camilla Murphy
    -besties: Sophie, Desmond, Daisy, & Chase

    -DS(5): Gray Murphy — t-ball
    -DS(2): Sawyer Patrick

    -graduated in accounting, moved to higher education
    -rescues stray dog & keeps as pet, Lucky
    -hosts neighborhood bbq
    -happily ever after


    DD(26): Georgia Snow
    -straight blonde hair, green eyes

    -DF(27) Rowan Spencer Dawson
    -besties: Gemma & Parker

    -DS(5): Harry Blue — dance class
    -DS/DS(3): Kit Augustus & Percy Valentine

    -graduated in nursing, works at hospital
    -learns French and vacations in France
    -writes popular children’s story
    -happily ever after


    DS(25): Otis Finn
    -curly light brown hair, brown eyes

    -DF(25) Ines Fleur Baldwin
    -besties: Theo, Wesley, & Jonas

    -DS(1): Keegan River

    -learns Spanish and vacations in Spain
    -adopts a cat, Tommy
    -divorces Ines
    -remarries DW(27):

    -DS: Wren Fletcher


    DD(24): Edith Pearl
    -wavy red hair, hazel eyes

    -DH(22): Micah Emre Walker
    -besties: Olive & Mason

    -DD(3): Ophelia Pearl
    -DS(1): Emerson Oliver

    -graduated in teaching, moved to higher education
    -buys a house
    -hosts neighborhood bbq
    -separate, but decide to stay together


    DD(24): Felix Valentin
    -short dark brown hair, hazel eyes

    -DH(24): Bethany June Murphy
    -besties: Nolan, Beau, & Andrew

    -DD/DS(3): Adelaide June/ Caspian Felix
    -DD/DD(nb): Magnolia Blanche/ Stella Snow

    -graduated for business, works in business
    -rescues stray dog and keeps as pet, Sadie
    -Bethany opens up clothing store
    -happily ever after


    Kitten: Kiwi
    Big family reunion
    Dog: Buddy
    Moves to ranch
    Zoe. 18. Aquarius.

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    Beau Dash
    -Straight blonde hair, green eyes
    ~~Age 9~~
    -Straight A’s and learns how to swim
    ~~Age 14~~
    -Best friend: Alvin Eric Salazar
    -Likes reading and camping
    -Starts gymnastics and stars in the school play
    ~~Age 19~~
    -Girlfriend: June Kylie Brown
    -Best friend: Alvin Eric Salazar
    -Likes music and is in the drama club
    -Straight A’s and gets cyber-bullied
    ~~Age 24~~
    -Girlfriend: June Kylie Brown
    -Best friends: Asis Grayson Jackson, Bemba Lucas White, and Chiuta Madison Harris
    -Full scholarship studying Computer Sciences
    -Retail worker
    -Rock climbs
    -Daughter: Adama Melissa Mulligan
    -Trip to Vegas with friends and appears on a reality TV show
    ~~Age 29~~
    -DF: June Kylie Brown
    -Flunked out of college, still works in retail
    -Goes yoga
    -Children: Adama Melissa Mulligan
    Adam gets enrolled in dance
    -Rescues a stray dog and keeps it as a pet and June opens up a business
    Beau and June eventually divorce, and Beau remarries has another child

    Agatha Harriet
    -Long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes
    ~~Ave 9~~
    -Join a sports team and gets bullies in school
    ~~Age 14~~
    -Best friend: Betty-Jane Gianna Smith
    -Likes drawing and photography
    -Gets suspended and gets braces
    ~~Age 19~~
    -Best friends: Betty-Jane Gianna Smith & Birch Gage Moore
    -Likes running and is in the drama club
    -Dog walker
    -Has a pregnancy scare and starts wearing glasses
    ~~Age 24~~
    -Girlfriend: Cheri Fleur Baldwin
    -Best friends: Aberewa Savannah Martin, Aja Willow Thompson, ala Fiona Garcia
    -Full scholarship studying economics and joins a sorority
    -Restaurant host
    -Rock climbs
    -Climbs a mountain and gets in a car accident
    ~~Age 29~~
    -DF: Cheri Fleur Baldwin
    -Graduate college and is seeking higher education
    -Children: miscarriage, and Bolaji Remington Mulligan-Baldwin
    -Buys a house and hosts a neighborhood barbecue
    Agatha and Cheri eventually get married and get divorced, and her and her new husband have a baby.

    Alabama Atlanta
    -Straight black hair, blue eyes
    ~~Age 8~~
    -Gets lost in the supermarket and meets their hero
    ~~Age 13~~
    -Best friend: Bear Alexander Johnson
    -Likes soccer and bugs
    -Gets suspended and gets braces
    ~~Age 18~~
    -Boyfriend: Aaron Jackson Davis
    -Best friend: Aspen Aiden Taylor
    -Likes partying and is a cheerleader
    -Wins an award and gets cyber-bullied
    ~~Age 23~~
    -Best friends: Aspen Aiden Taylor & Deng Arnold Martinez
    -Grocery store cashier
    -Climbs a mountain and becomes a vegertarian
    ~~Age 28~~
    -DF: Miranda Julianne Craft
    -Children: Akello Elmer Mulligan-Craft
    -Starts family vlogging and Miranda opens up a business
    After Alabama and Miranda get married, and they separate for a while, but decide to stay together.

    Miche Fenella
    -Wavy red hair, hazel eyes
    ~~Age 7~~
    -Straight A’s and goes to summer camp
    ~~Age 12~~
    -Best friend: Ash Jan Williams
    -Likes dancing and bugs
    -Makes a new friend and attends first concert
    ~~Age 17~~
    -Girlfriend: Petra Eliza Miller
    -Best friend: Abassi Broderick Anderson
    -Likes hiking and is a cheerleader
    -Wins an award and starts wearing glasses
    ~~Age 22~~
    -Boyfriend: Gordon Harry Fitzgerald
    -Best friends: Amma Kyra Robinson, Asasse Precious Clark, Faro Megan Rogriguez
    -Full scholarship studying chemistry and cheerleads
    -Retail worker
    -Swims with dolphins and sees a Broadway musical
    ~~Age 27~~
    DF: Gordon Harry Fitzgerald
    -Graduated college and works as a chemical technician
    -Children: Chege Davin & Danso Everett Fitzgerald (twins)
    -Gets in a car accident and spends some time in the hospital and Gordon opens up a business
    Miche and Gordon eventually divorce and Miche was a baby with her new husband.

    Ambrosia Delphina
    -Wavy red hair, hazel eyes
    ~~Age 4~~
    -Makes a lemonade stand and meets their hero
    ~~Age 9~~
    -Best friend: Autumn Emily Jones
    -Likes gaming and bugs
    -Gets suspended and has first kiss
    ~~Age 14~~
    -Boyfriend: Keith Micah Wilson
    -Best friend: Obba Nicole Thomas
    -Likes partying and is in the student council
    -Gets suspended and receives a rabbit for Christmas
    ~~Age 19~~
    -DF: Keith Micah Wilson
    -Best friends: Obba Nicola Thomas & Gbadu Willow Lewis
    -College studying economics and joins drama club
    -Restaurant host
    -Goes backpacking in Europe and appears on a reality TV show
    ~~Age 24~~
    -DH: Keith Micah Wilson
    -Graduated college and works as a medical economics analyst
    -Guys a house and wins small lottery jackpot
    Ambrosia and Keith eventually separate for while but they decide to stay together.

    Move to a new house (round 1)
    Cross country road trip (round 2)
    Family vacation to Hawaii (round 3)
    Adopts a pet (round 4)

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    Aug 2018
    Patrick Mulligan (51) & Fiona Mulligan (49)
    [round 1] the family go on a cross country roadtrip
    [round 2] the family go on a trip to Disneyland
    [round 3] adopt a dog named Lucky
    [round 4] the family spends the summer at their lake house

    Cosima Isolde Mulligan, 29
    - short dark brown hair, hazel eyes
    - [age 9] gets straight A’s, goes to summer camp
    - [age 14] best friend is a girl named Cora Beatriz Wilson
    - [age 14] likes gaming and science
    - [age 14] gets suspended and attends her first concert
    - [age 19] dating Eliza Trinity Shaw
    - [age 19] likes partying and is in her school drama club
    - [age 19] works as a peer tutor
    - [age 19] wins an award and starts wearing glasses
    - [age 24] engaged to Eliza Trinity Shaw
    - [age 24] best friends are now Cora Beatriz Wilson and Aurora James Clare
    - [age 24] is in night school
    - [age 24] works as a bartender
    - [age 24] likes rock climbing
    - [age 24] goes backpacking in Europe and becomes vegetarian
    - [age 29] married to Eliza Trinity Shaw
    - [age 29] graduates from college and goes into higher education to get her phD
    - [age 29] enjoys yoga
    - [age 29] has three adopted children; Rhea Aurelia, Apollo Ezra, and Atlas Elijah
    - [age 29] rescues a stray cat named Helix and keeps it, and hosts a neighborhood barbecue
    - [age 29] lives happily ever after

    Harlow Carolina Mulligan, 27
    - long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes
    - [age 7] joins a soccer team, goes to summer camp
    - [age 12] best friend is a boy named Jeremy William Braugher.
    - [age 12] likes socializing and camping
    - [age 12] has her first crush and stars in her school play
    - [age 17] dating Micah Darien Walker
    - [age 17] had a falling out with Jeremy, now best friends with a girl named Octavia Marie Greene
    - [age 17] likes running and is on her school cheerleading team
    - [age 17] works as a barista
    - [age 17] has a pregnancy scare and attends a concert
    - [age 22] still dating Micah Darien Walker
    - [age 22] is in college
    - [age 22] is part of a sorority at her college
    - [age 22] is a full time student
    - [age 22] likes poker
    - [age 22] takes a trip to Vegas with her best friend and appears on a reality TV show
    - [age 27] engaged to Micah Darien Walker
    - [age 27] graduated from college and works as a sport psychologist
    - [age 27] enjoys hunting
    - [age 27] has a baby girl named Hazel Florence
    - [age 27] buys a house, and wins a small lottery jackpot
    - [age 27] separates from her husband for a while but decides to stay with him

    Finn Jackson Mulligan, 26
    - straight black hair, blue eyes
    - [age 6] gets a playground injury, learns how to swim
    - [age 11] best friends is a boy named Aspen Cooper Barnes.
    - [age 11] likes soccer and writing
    - [age 11] gets braces and has his first kiss
    - [age 16] dating Aveline Rose Ramsay
    - [age 16] best friends are now Aspen Cooper Barnes and Cecily Delphine Murphy
    - [age 16] likes cars and is on his school football team
    - [age 16] works as a lifeguard
    - [age 16] gets suspended and wins a competition
    - [age 21] married to Adeline Rose Ramsay
    - [age 21] is at college
    - [age 21] is part of his school’s football team
    - [age 21] works as a restaurant host
    - [age 21] likes sailing
    - [age 21] has a baby daughter named Evelyn Rosalie Mulligan
    - [age 21] climbs a mountain and sees a Broadway musical
    - [age 26] graduated from college and works as a journalist
    - [age 26] enjoys diving
    - [age 26] has three new children named Jasper Gideon, Millie Adeline, and Freya Imogen
    - [age 26] enrolls 5 year old Evie in dance classes
    - [age 26] starts a family vlogging channel, and writes a popular children’s story
    - [age 26] lives happily ever after

    Grey Fitzwilliam Mulligan, 26
    - short dark brown hair, hazel eyes
    - [age 6] makes a lemonade stand, gets bullied in school
    - [age 11] best friend is a girl named Olivia-Faye Moore.
    - [age 11] likes drawing and photography
    - [age 11] gets straight A’s and starts piano classes
    - [age 16] likes music and is on his school’s student council
    - [age 16] learns how to drive and takes a school field trip to Europe
    - [age 21] dating Emily Arden Lloyd
    - [age 21] works as a retail worker
    - [age 21] likes woodworking
    - [age 21] starts volunteering at an animal shelter and gets featured in the local newspaper
    - [age 26] engaged to Emily Arden Loyd
    - [age 26] enjoys gardening
    - [age 26] has two baby girls named Adelaide Clara and Beatrice Elsie
    - [age 26] learns French and vacations in France, and starts attending therapy
    - [age 26] lives happily ever after

    Hestia Artemis Mulligan, 24
    - curly light brown hair, brown eyes
    - [age 4] learns how to ride a bike, makes a new friend
    - [age 9] best friend is a boy named Bellamy Kaiden Sharp.
    - [age 9] likes dancing and singing
    - [age 9] starts gymnastics and attends her first concert
    - [age 14] likes politics and is on her school’s cheerleading team
    - [age 14] works as a babysitter
    - [age 14] has a surprise birthday party and receives a hamster named waffle for christmas
    - [age 19] dating Rowan Spencer Dawson
    - [age 19] best friends are now Bellamy Kaiden Sharp and Amelia Calliope Jones
    - [age 19] is in university
    - [age 19] is part of her school’s student union
    - [age 19] works as a grocery store cashier
    - [age 19] likes rock climbing
    - [age 19] swims with dolphins and has a miscarriage
    - [age 24] engaged to Rowan Spencer Dawson
    - [age 24] graduated from college and works as a child psychologist
    - [age 24] enjoys diving
    - [age 24] has two children; twins named Nora Daisy and Noah Henry
    - [age 24] gets in a car accident and spends some time in hospital, and adopts a cat named Ruby
    - [age 24] divorces her husband and stays single

    Cosima & Eliza with Rhea, Apollo, and Atlas + Helix
    Harlow & Micah with Hazel
    Finn & Aveline with Evelyn, Jasper, Millie, and Freya
    Grey & Emily with Adelaide and Beatrice
    Hestia with Nora and Noah + Ruby
    16, teenberry, hufflepuff, name enthusiast, nerd

    favorite little girls:
    cordelia rose, cosima waverly, octavia daisy, sara felicity
    alexandra, millie, hestia, artemis, caroline, cecily, aurelia, laura, harlow
    magdalena "maggie", aurora "rory", eleanor "ellie"

    favorite little guys:
    james nathaniel, oliver benjamin, elijah felix, henry atlas, jeremy dean
    sebastian, alexander, sawyer, grey, asa, noah
    jeremy "jem", oliver "ollie", shepherd "shep", mateo "teo"

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