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    Oct 2015
    DS: Rufus Gideon
    -Appearance: Curly light brown hair, brown eyes
    -Age: 19
    -Relationship Status: Rose Aveline Ramsay
    -BFF’s: Mary-Mobley and CalvinCal
    -Hobby: Cars
    -Extra Curricular Activities: Environmental Club
    -Job: Barista
    -Life Event: Learns how to drive, Starts wearing glasses

DD: Georgia SageGeorgie
    -Appearance: Long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes
    -Age: 18
    -Relationship Status: Cole Peter Ramsay
    -BFF: Olive
    -Hobby: Music
    -Extra Curricular Activities: Cheerleading
    -Job: Babysitter
    -Life Event: Has surprise birthday party, School field trip to Europe

    DD: Clementine FelicityCleo
    -Appearance: Straight black hair, blue eyes
    -Age: 17
    -Relationship Status: Samuel Logan MurphySam
    -BFF’s: Forrest, Daphne, and Daisy
    -Hobby: Hiking
    -Extra Curricular Activities: Student Council
    -Job: Lifeguard
    -Life Event: Straight A’s, Wins competition

    DD: Imogen Pearl
    -Appearance: Short dark brown hair, hazel eyes
    -Age: 16
    -Relationship Status: Jackson Raphael Murphy
    -BFF’s: Ophelia, Delphine, DashiellDash
    -Hobby: Running
    -Extra Curricular Activities: Student Council
    -Job: Dog walker
    -Life Event: Wins an award, School field trip to Europe

    DD: Freya Rhiannon
    -Appearance: Long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes
    -Age: 15
    -Relationship Status: Micah Emre Walker -BFF: Archie
    -Hobby: Politics
    -Extra Curricular Activities: Environmental Club
    -Job: Lifeguard
    -Life Event: Straight A’s, Wins competition

    Family Events: Big family reunion

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    DH: Patrick James Mulligan (50)
    DW: Fiona Catherine Mulligan (47)

    DD1: Beatrix Georgiana MulliganBea” (19)
    ~ Appearance: curly light brown hair, brown eyes
    ~ Girlfriend: Autumn Marin Lewis (18)
    ~ Friend: Sebastian Oscar Cahill “Seb” (19), Daniella Tamsin RogersDani” (19) & Delilah Harriet Philipps “Lily” (18)
    ~ Hobbies: gaming, hiking, camping
    ~ Extracurricular: Student council
    ~ Job: Lifeguard
    ~ Learns how to drive & wins competition (debate competition)

    DS1: Leopold Cassius MulliganLeo” (17)
    ~ Appearance: long dirty blond hair, blue eyes
    ~ Relationship status: Single
    ~ Best friend: Ella-May Charlotte Davis (16)
    ~ Hobbies: soccer, singing, hiking
    ~ Extracurricular: environmental club
    ~ Job: peer tutor
    ~ Wins an award (soccer man of the match) & attends concert

    DS2: Jackson Wyatt MulliganJack” (16)
    ~ Appearance: short dark brown hair, hazel eyes
    ~ Girlfriend: Eliza Trinity Daniels (16)
    ~ Best friends: Cedar Forrest Garrison (16), Daniel Lucas WillisDan” & Dylan Thomas Jones (15)
    ~ Hobbies: reading, bugs, music
    ~ Extracurricular: n/a
    ~ Job: babysitter
    ~ Gets suspended & starts wearing glasses

    DD2: Frances Eleonora MulliganFran” (14) [twin]
    ~ Appearance: straight black hair, blue eyes
    ~ Boyfriend: Nathan Michael FletcherNate” (14)
    ~ Best friend: Freya Grace Bishop (14)
    ~ Hobbies: gaming, photography, politics
    ~ Extracurricular: environmental club
    ~ Job: n/a
    ~ Straight As & school field trip to Europe

    DD3: Alethea Phoebe MulliganThea” (14) [twin]
    ~ Appearance: straight black hair, blue eyes
    ~ Relationship status: single
    ~ Best friend: Olivia Rose HewittLibby” (15)
    ~ Hobbies: dancing, science, partying
    ~ Extracurricular: drama club
    ~ Job: n/a
    ~ Wins an award (dance medal) & school field trip to Europe

    Patrick & Fiona;
    Bea, Leo, Jack, Fran & Thea
    Rhea (Australian shepherd dog - 5 years old)

    The Mulligan family move to a new house

    Sebastian Henry William "Seb" | Maximilian Bradley Oscar "Max" | Alexander Louis Elliot "Alex" | Theodore Arthur Benjamin "Theo" | Xavier Isaac Leopold

    Charlotte Briar Aurelia "Lottie" | Francesca Hazel Beatrix "Fran" | Elisabeth Laurel Sienna "Elise" | Dorothea Seren Rosanna "Thea" | Cecilia Rowan Elspeth "Ceci"

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    DS1 (18): Cassius Dexter Mulligan
    -Straight black hair, blue eyes
    -BFF: Ophelia Johansson
    -Hobbies: Running
    -Extra Curricular: Track & Field
    -Job: Lifeguard
    -Gets suspended
    -Attends concert

    DD3 (17): Harriet Ida Mulligan
    -Straight blonde hair, green eyes
    -BFF: Odessa Hinton
    -DBF: Logan Samuel Murphy
    -Hobbies: Running
    -Job: Lifeguard
    -Straight A's
    -Wins a Running Race competition

    DD1 (15): Soraya Guinevere Mulligan
    -Curly light brown hair, brown eyes
    -BFF: Oaklynn Van Der Berg
    -Hobbies: Partying
    -Job: Babysitter
    -Learns how to drive
    -Receives a turtle for Christmas

    DD2 (14): Primrose Cecily Mulligan
    -Long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes
    -BFF: Sage Beckett, Malakai Parker
    -DBF: Peter Cole Ramsay
    -Hobbies: Partying
    -Extra Curricular: Student Council
    -Job: Babysitter
    -Straight A's
    -Gets cyber bullied

    DS2 (14) : Valentin William Mulligan
    -Curly light brown hair, brown eyes
    -BFF: Forest Langley
    -DGF: June Murphy
    -Hobbies: Cars
    -Extra Curricular: Drama Club
    -Job: Barista
    -Wins an award for Best Actor in the school play
    -Receives a ferret for Christmas

    Dog (10): Kinley
    Dog (5): Potter
    Turtle: Waldo
    Ferret: Cleo

    Family Event: Adopts a cat. She is a Korat named Tora.
    Auria Lauren ~ Logan Brendley ~ Evrose Skye ~ Aleksei Merritt
    Alexandria * Phoenix * Kiera * Aria * Raine * Ariadne * Alexia * Linnea * Kannalia * Marin * Sasha * Harriet * Eliza * Talia * Seren * Catalina * Adelina * Indie * Sinclair * Josie
    Dexter = Declan = Evander = Keefe = Kieran = Peyton = Hayden = Kyson = Finnian = Orion = Cadan = River = Roman = Lachlan "Loki" = Isaac = Malakai = Atlas = Sebastian = Flynn = Elijah = Luca = Callan = Sage = Finnegan = Roan = Soren = Emery

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    May 2015
    Patrick & Fiona Mulligan

    DS(19): Sampson Alden
    -curly light brown hair, brown eyes
    -joins soccer team, meets hero

    -bestie: Sophie
    -reading, science
    -joins basketball team, gets braces

    -dating Lola Camilla Murphy
    -besties: Sophie, Desmond, & Daisy
    -cars, football
    -straight A’s, wins competition


    DD(16): Georgia Snow
    -straight blonde hair, green eyes
    -makes lemonade stand, makes new friend

    -bestie: Gemma
    -drawing, science
    -starts gymnastics, goes to summer camp

    -besties: Gemma & Parker
    -hiking, drama club
    -straight A’s, gets cyber bullied


    DS(15): Otis Finn
    -curly light brown hair, brown eyes
    -joins swim team, goes to summer camp

    -bestie: Jude
    -dancing, photography
    -has first crush, starts piano classes

    -bestie: Atticus
    -music, student council
    -dog walker
    -surprise bday party, gets turtle for Christmas- Steven


    DD(14): Edith Pearl
    -wavy red hair, hazel eyes
    -playground injury, meets hero

    -bestie: Olive
    -dancing, singing
    -joins basketball team, has first kiss

    -dating Micah Emre Walker
    -bestie: Olive
    -pregnancy scare, wins competition


    DD(14): Felix Valentin
    -short dark brown hair, hazel eyes
    -learns how to ride bike, joins Boy Scouts

    -bestie: Mary-Jane
    -reading, writing
    -gets suspended, stars in school play

    -dating Bethany June Murphy
    -bestie: Mary-Jane
    -partying, football
    -dog walker
    -pregnancy scare, goes to concert


    Kitten: Kiwi
    Big family reunion
    Dog: Buddy
    Zoe. 18. Aquarius.

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    Sep 2015
    DH: Patrick Mulligan
    DW: Fiona Mulligan

    DS: Seth Gideon Mulligan (18)
    -Appearance: Curly light brown hair, brown eyes
    -Age 8: Straight A's and Goes to summer camp
    -Age 13: Makes a new friend and Gets braces
    -Age 18: Gets suspended and Wins competition
    -Bestfriend at 13: Fox Grover Oakley
    -Bestfriend: Aiden Nolan Montgomery
    -Hobbies at 13: Reading and Bugs
    -Hobbies: Music and Track & Field
    -Dating Shay Alyssa Ramsey (18)
    -Job: Lifeguard

    DS: Axel Cassius Mulligan (17)
    -Appearance: Long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes
    -Age 7: Straight A's and Makes a new friend
    -Age 12: Starts gymnastics and Stars in school play
    -Age 17: Has surprise birthday party and Receives a hamster for Christmas named Bowie
    -Besfriend: Gracie-Anne Marie Douglas
    -Hobbies at 12: Reading and Singing
    -Hobbies: Cars and Football
    -Dating: Nathan Cole Ramsey (16)
    -Job: Barista

    DD: Willow Gabrielle Mulligan (17)
    -Appearance: Curly light brown hair, brown eyes
    -Age 7: Playground injury and Learns how to swim
    -Age 12: Joins basketball team and Stars in school play
    -Age 17: Gets suspended and goes in a school field trip to Europe
    -Besfriend: Noah Michael O'Brien and Kayden DeShawn Brown
    -Hobbies at 12: Gaming and Photography
    -Hobbies: Music and Cheerleading
    -Dating Tistan Zachary Shaw (19)
    -Job: Peer tutor

    DD: Iris Theodora Mulligan (16)
    -Appearance: Curly light brown hair, brown eyes
    -Age 6: Gets lost in the supermarket and Joins Girl Scouts
    -Age 11: Straight A's and Attends first concert
    -Age 16: Straight A's and Starts wearing glasses
    -Bestfriend: Wren Cedar Rivers
    -Hobbies at 11: Dancing and Singing
    -Hobbies: Partying
    -Dating Autumn Marin Walker (16)
    -Job: Lifeguard

    DD: Cora Cynthia Mulligan (15)
    -Appearance: Curly light brown hair, brown eyes
    -Age 5: Makes a lemonade stand and Makes a new friend
    -Age 10: Starts gymnastics and Starts piano classes
    -Age 15: Has pregnancy scare and Attends concert
    -Bestfriend: Olivia Estrella Machado
    -Hobbies at 10: Drawing and Science
    -Hobbies: Hiking and Environmental Club
    -Job: Barista

    Cat: Shadow (5)
    Hamster: Bowie (5 months)

    Family Event: Cross country road trip

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