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Thread: Which one?

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    Which one?

    Hi! So, currently there are two first-and-middle name combinations that I love. They are:

    Mallory Sansa

    Siena Avalon

    I love both combinations and can't decide, so I would love to know your opinion and which one you would choose. Thanks!

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    Siena Avalon is lovely. It has an regal but slightly new-age air to it. Both familiar names but not quite common. Mallory Sansa is quite nice as well but in comparison to me it lacks the same amount of grace and flow.
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    I think both names are sweet & pretty! but in my opinion after watching an old show called Sliders I can't see Mallory being a girls name since the main male character in the show is called Mallory Quinn, I know it's mostly unisex but for me it's more of a male name but that said, it would be a nice middle name instead maybe.

    Sansa Mallory, Siena Mallory.

    I do love Siena Avalon, it is very pretty and fits together well I personally would go with Siena Avalon but if the names were reversed i'd choose Sansa Mallory.

    I hope this helps

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    I love both of these. They're bold, modern, and unique. However, I prefer Siena Avalon. I think the subtle shared sound with the "n" is beautiful, and that it flows really well. I also think it has more of an ethereal vibe, which I adore.
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    Another vote for Siena Avalon. Just so pretty!

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