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    In search of a way to honor grandmothers

    Hello all!

    I’m at a loss. You would think as much as I love names this wouldn’t be a problem but I’ve found myself completely stuck. I very much want to honor my two grandmothers, one of whom passed away three years ago and the other who I am still very close to. Here’s my problem though. Neither of their names really fit my style. My thought was that I could use one for the first name and one for the second.

    My one grandmother is Pauline Elizabeth. I certainly don’t hate Pauline and wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it. But nearly every woman in my family has since used Elizabeth for their little ones so that’s off the table. My other grandmother was Mary June. Mary just doesn’t fit for me and June I do actually like but was wondering if there was a way to update it (I was initially thinking Juniper but fear it’s going to get popular soon).

    I tend to like unusual names but do have a soft spot for what has been called “old lady names” I would greatly appreciate any help/suggestions because I am completely lost. Thank you!

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    Polly was the first thing that came to mind - it's a nickname for both Mary and Pauline? Polly Juniper, Polly Eliza or Polly Maeve would be nice!

    Some other ideas - sorry if they're a bit of a stretch
    Madeline - mix of Mary and Pauline
    Marcelline - mix of Mary and Pauline, but more unusual
    Juno - linked to June
    Una - sounds a but like June - maybe something like Una Mary/Mabel would work
    Linnea - from Pauline
    Paulina - a spin on Pauline
    Maren - variation of Mary
    Juliet - sounds a little like June (Juliet Maren or Maren Juliet would be sweet)
    Pearl - for Pauline (Pearl Linnea? Juno Pearl?)
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    More names!

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    I love June! I think you have some great names to work with here. I also love vintage-y names. Some ideas for you:

    Polly or Poppy for Pauline

    Eliza, Lily or Bette for Elizabeth

    I love June as is but Juniper is also very sweet, or Junia

    Molly, Maggie, Mae/May or Mimi for Mary

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    I like Junia/Junie Elizabeta for you!

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