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    Middle name for Renee?

    Hey everyone,

    I've got a baby on the way, and I have landed on the first name Renee. I'm looking for a middle name, however. Last name starts with D and is two syllables

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    Renee Celeste
    Renee Eloise
    Renee Lotta
    Renee Lillian
    Renee Samantha
    Renee Victoria
    Renee Matilda
    Renee Colette
    Renee Marian
    Renee Zoë

    Or some off beat ones like

    Renee Winter
    Renee Pearl
    Renee Clarity
    Renee Hestia
    Renee Saffira
    Renee Tulip

    I have such mixed feelings about the name Renee. I should like it, but it doesn’t sound great in Oz accent; better in US.
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    Savannah Beatrix “Savvy”

    Hayes Nathaniel
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    Please forgive repeats.

    Renee Gabrielle
    Renee Siena
    Renee Christine
    Renee Margot
    Renee Marguerite
    Renee Colette
    Renee Lorelei
    Renee Lauren
    Renee Megan
    Renee Brooke
    Renee Josephine
    Renee Adele
    Renee Elise
    Renee Julianne
    Renee Ashley
    Renee Allison
    Renee Danielle
    Renee Aubrey
    Renee Isabel
    Renee Melissa
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