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    HELP: A Baby Brother for Althea Margalo

    Our first child, Thea, was born on October 25, 2017. My husband and I really thought about her name (here's a link on that and now that I am expecting a baby boy late September this year, I want a perfect name for him as well.

    As usual, we want the first and middle name to be Greek because we both have Greek names (Cybele and Damian). I really like the name Priam, and suggested Priam Alexander or Priam Lysander but my mother-in-law thinks Priam is too unusual (I think it's not, and if it is, I think it's still usable.) I also like Ajax but I'm worried it'll remind everyone of the cleaning brand. I like Evander and Atlas but both my husband and I agree they're too unusual (I still consider Atlas, though). My husband suggests Theon Apollo, and I kinda like it. I also like the name Eugene but I don't know what to partner it with. Leviticus is a guilty pleasure of mine but I know it sounds ridiculous on a child but I mean come on, Levi's such a cute nickname. My husband and I like Tobias Philip, but I still want Priam Alexander/Priam Lysander. We are also thinking of Timothy. And I am totally in love with Lucas, Magnus, and Elijah but they're not Greek, do you think I should just let the middle name not be Greek?

    What do you think? Do you have other suggestions? What do you think of these names?
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    My favorites of your options are Tobias Philip and Evander. Both sound great with Thea and strike me as very usable.
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    I don't think Atlas is too unusual in the current naming climate. If anything it's quite trendy! And I don't think Priam is too unusual either, not with sister Althea especially. Evander strikes me as very usable as well.
    And honestly I love the thought of Althea and Ajax. I don't think the cleaner is that big of a deal, I see it brought up more as a concern from parents considering the name than I do from people responding to the name.
    Theon Apollo is amazing, but if big sis goes by Thea, those seem too matchy.

    Personally I think you should ignore in-laws/ grandparent critiques of your choice and go with what you really love. (And it's okay if there's a couple names/combos you toss around for awhile, after all you did with Thea too.)

    I really like Priam Lysander, (Priam Apollo would be nice too if DH wanted part of his suggestion to stick.) It's a beautiful name and I don't think you should compromise on it if you love it. For context, my son's name is Archimedes. My partner and I absolutely loved it and had it picked out for years. We had many relatives make negative comments or voice concerns that it was too unusual, but we stuck with it, and no one makes comments now. We've never had an odd look or negative comment from new people when we introduce him either. The only nahatice feedback we've ever received was from family and while I was still pregnant. But at the end of the day, this isn't their baby.

    I also think the middle doesn't have to be Greek. Again, go with what you love, love together, and feels right/meaningful to you.
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