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    Wearable? Too much?

    I love the name Eden and the name Lilyanne. Do you think I would be able to use Eden-Lilyanne as a first name or is it too much?

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    I personally find it too much. Eden Lilyanne as a first and middle feels like a less bulky option, and you could still call her by both names if and when you wanted to.
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    I agree. To me it comes off as too bulky. What PP suggested

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    It’s too much for a first name in my opinion.

    What about Eden Lillian? (Lillian as a middle name instead of Lilyanne)

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    Considering my own son has a very long first name, I can't necessarily knock this as "too much" but it does feel like a lot of name in the first spot and that's before considering middle name options (I couldn't put my finger on *why* it felt like so much name before but I think other posters nailed it mentioning that Lilyanne is already a compound name before adding Eden to it.) It's a bit heavy. Eden Lilyanne as a first and middle would be lovely though!
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    As Lilyanne in itself is already a double-barrel name (combining Lily & Anne), yes, I do find Eden-Lilyanne too much for a full first name. Do you have a middle you're set on using (why the hyphenated first otherwise?) -- Eden Lilyanne as first and middle would be much better.
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    I feel like it's too much, I'd split them and go first and middle.

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    I think Eden-Lilyanne is a bit too much as a single first. It's hyphenated, and Lilyanne is a compound name as is. However, I think both names are positively lovely separately, and Eden Lilyanne could be great as a first and middle.
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    Like others have said Lilyanne is already a double barrel name so I don't feel it's one you can use in combination with another name and smush it all into the first name spot. Use it as a middle and call her by first and middle. I call all my kids by their first and middle very frequently.
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    I agree with what the others said. Eden Lilyanne without the hyphen looks better and would be a lovely first and middle - Plus she could still go by both if you wanted!
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