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    I like the sounds of Willa Anne!
    Also, with Georgia 'Gigi', people may be more inclined to Eloise 'Lulu'?

    Both are stunning but I love Willa Anne best.

    A couple of other suggestions:
    Estelle/Estella Anne 'Essie' 'Stella'
    Eliza Anne
    Cecily Anne 'Cece' 'Cilla'
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    Ezra Apollo|Sholto Felix|Lysander Henry|Percy Winter
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    Ginevra Scarlett|Lucy Tabitha/Gwyneira|Paulina Sylvie
    Graham Samson|Alfred Luca Sylvan|Paul Griffin

    More names!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alchemicallypurplefairy View Post
    I have a lot of thoughts -

    I do not like the flow of Willa Anne, but her full name probably won't be used very often.

    I prefer the name Eloise over Willa, and I think it sounds better with Anne.

    I checked the popularity of Eloise and Willa. Eloise is at 190, Willa is at 454. However, Eloise sounds way different than most other popular names, but Willa sounds similar to popular names like Lily/Lilla/Lillian, Lola, Ella, etc. I feel like Eloise genuinely is the more distinct choice between the two. That said, screw popularity: it's more important for your child to stand out because of their personality rather than their first name. As for nicknames, you can call her Eloise, you can ask your family to call her Eloise, and she can ask people to call her by her full name. I know plenty of people with more formal/longer names like Elizabeth and Thomas who go exclusively by their full names, and do not shorten them.
    Funnily enough, using the same logic I come out with the opposite conclusion. Eloise is a really pretty name, but spoken aloud I always think there’s room for confusion with Louise, and as you’ve mentioned the most obvious nickname is Ellie - which in a generation of Eleanors and Ellas is pretty but possibly not distinctive.

    Willa to me sounds like nothing else, in the best possible way - it’s unique and distinctive but still simple. I see why you have some concerns about the flow of Willa Anne but I don’t think it’s bad at all. Of course there are middles with more flow but to me, personal significance and emotion always trump flow.
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    Thank you all so much for your replies!!! This has been tremendously helpful and I’m really warming to Willa Anne. The more I think about and say it, the more I hear a sweet, straightforward spunkiness that I think Georgia Lucy also shares.

    With regard to Eloise- I adore the nickname Lulu, but aren’t Gigi and Lulu too cutesy/ matchy? Or do they match so well it’s a good thing? I do like Lola, and Gigi and Lola are very cute together so that’s another good option.

    I’m inclined to agree with the comment about Eloise overall feeling like a more common choice amongst all the Ellas, Ellies, Eleanors, Ellianas etc. Willa feels a little fresher to me.

    One final thought occurred to me- Anne means “grace.” Perhaps Willa Grace? I think it has slightly better flow but I am really sick of seeing Grace in the middle name slot, and I think if you’re using an honor name it’s better to just use the name...

    Thanks again everyone!

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    Eloise Anne nn Lulu or Lola is heart-melting as a sister to Gigi! That said, Willa Anne is very nice. The only thing to consider is that she likely won't have a nickname, or at least not one that is derived from her first name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erin beth View Post
    Eloise Anne nn Lulu or Lola is heart-melting as a sister to Gigi! That said, if you strongly prefer Willa, Willa Anne works fine.
    Thank you! You don’t find Gigi and Lulu to be too matchy?

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