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    It’s a girl! And a change of heart

    Hello everyone!

    We have just gotten the news that our baby on the way is a girl! She will join big sister Georgia Lucy.

    Prior to learning gender our top contender was Willa Catherine. But since getting the news, and feeling fairly confident that this will be my last baby, I’m feeling more compelled to use the middle name Anne, which is my middle name, my mother’s middle name and my mother in law’s middle name. Catherine is a family name too, but the association is not as strong (great grandmother). I was leaning toward it because I just liked it better, but now that this little one is a little more “real” I’m really feeling like I’d like to include Anne.

    The issue is, while I still love Willa, I don’t love Willa Anne together.

    I do love Eloise Anne, and this is probably the slight favorite at the moment, but I’m concerned that Eloise feels a bit more popular, and I don’t like the nickname Ellie. We call my daughter GeorgiaGigi,” so I’m afraid people will feel compelled to shorten?

    So- turning to the name experts- what do you think of Willa versus Eloise? How do you feel about Willa Anne? Should I just use the first name I like and the middle name that’s most meaningful because most people don’t know your full name anyway? Even if it means I’m not totally in love with my child’s full name? (I’ve been thinking about my children’s names since I was 10 and am struggling with this) Any other suggestions to go with Georgia Lucy using middle name Anne?

    Thanks berry much!

    *edited to add: we are US-based and looking for something outside the top 100.
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    I think Willa Anne is fine!

    Willa Catherine-Anne
    Willa Annette

    Pick a different nn for Eloise? Lou or Lulu

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    I also think Willa Anne is absolutely fine! Willa Catherine is very pretty but it sounds a lot like Willa Cather -- great namesake, but it might feel too obvious to you?

    I really like Georgia and Eloise together; in addition to Lulu (great suggestion!) an Eloise could be nicknamed Lola. Both are sweet, fun nicknames which sit well alongside Gigi. I don't think Ellie is inevitable with this one, especially if you lead by example from early on.

    A few more ideas along the lines of Georgia, Willa and Eloise (though I think both of your current options are great!):

    Annabel (obviously not with Anne as a middle!)
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    Maybe you could use a longer form name that would give you Willa as a nickname... Willamina Anne or Willodean Anne. Willodean and Georgia... Willa and Gigi.

    Alternatively, I love the suggestion of Eloise nn Lola... Gigi and Lola are perfect together.

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    This. “Should I just use the first name I like and the middle name that’s most meaningful because most people don’t know your full name anyway?” Yes, I hope you use what you love! Willa Anne is fine. If you are still bothered by the flow you could see if one of the names with Anne in them appeals for the middle. Willa is a lovely choice!

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    Willa Anne is a fine name but I do agree with you that Eloise Anne sounds better. If you're only apprehension about Eloise is the nn Ellie, then I'd say she's a winner because as others have mentioned, there's other great nicknames for this name. (Lulu is my favorite but Lola is great too, and there's other options like Lou/Louie.)

    All that said, if Willa is your favorite, use it.
    If this is your last baby, you want to go with the names you really love.
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    I think Willa Anne is cute! I also really like Eloise Anne. Also, with sister Georgia Lucy I like the combination of Willa Anne better than Willa Catherine. So, I really like both choices of Willa Anne and Eloise Anne.

    Also, since you call Georgia by the nn Gigi, I feel compelled to follow suit and call Eloise with a similar nn like Cici or Lulu. There are a ton of ways to nn Eloise to suit your style that doesn’t have to be Ellie. You may end up calling her Annie

    I love both options of Willa Anne or Eloise Anne - cute!!

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    I think Willa Anne is perfectly fine. Actually, I think it's lovely. I love Willa and Georgia together. I love the significance of Anne.

    For what it's worth, I was in a similar situation when naming my first daughter. It was a non-negotiable for me to use Patricia as the middle name, and there were a lot of names I loved that sounded great with it, but they didn't necessarily "fit" my daughter once we saw her. Her first name sounds okay with Patricia, not ideal, but her name altogether makes me so happy; a first name I love for itself, a middle name I love for my family. I think you'd be really happy with Willa Anne, even if it might not be as melodic as possible.

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    To me, it sounds like if your contemplation of this being your last baby is prompting you to using namesake Anne in the middle, if you don't go with your personal favourite Willa as first, you will likely come to regret it. Therefore, in my opinion, Willa Anne would be perfect for you, incorporating both names you want to use, and together, they do sound really nice (not the best flow, but not at all bad, and really, how often is the full name said aloud anyway?). Also, Georgia & Willa sound brilliant together as sisters.

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    I have a lot of thoughts -

    I do not like the flow of Willa Anne, but her full name probably won't be used very often.

    I prefer the name Eloise over Willa, and I think it sounds better with Anne.

    I checked the popularity of Eloise and Willa. Eloise is at 190, Willa is at 454. However, Eloise sounds way different than most other popular names, but Willa sounds similar to popular names like Lily/Lilla/Lillian, Lola, Ella, etc. I feel like Eloise genuinely is the more distinct choice between the two. That said, screw popularity: it's more important for your child to stand out because of their personality rather than their first name. As for nicknames, you can call her Eloise, you can ask your family to call her Eloise, and she can ask people to call her by her full name. I know plenty of people with more formal/longer names like Elizabeth and Thomas who go exclusively by their full names, and do not shorten them.

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