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    Philippa was absolutely the first one I thought of before even clicking into the thread. However, upon reading I am DYING over the thought of a Vivienne and Georgina sister set. I’m big on nicknames so I’m also daydreaming about a Liv and Georgie.

    I’d say my favorites in order are:
    1. Vivienne and Georgina
    2. Vivienne and Philippa
    3. Vivienne and Margot
    4. Vivienne and Juliet

    Don’t care for Camille or Colette as I think they lack the “sparkle” that Vivienne has for me. What a wonderful list and set of options you have,

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    I like Georgina and Camille with Vivienne
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    Of gosh, not much consensus here.

    I think if you want to emphasise the bold clarity of Vivienne, I’d go for Georgina, Camilla or Philippa (I’m personally loving Philippa these days but Georgina is a marginally better match!).

    But if you want to emphasise the quiet Frenchness of Vivienne, then Camille, Colette, Juliet or Margot. If you pronounce Vivienne with a French accent or close to, I would think about dropping Juliet as they’ll sound pretty rhyme-y. (I’d go for Camille or Margot nn Maggie).
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    Vivienne and Margot! Both gorgeous in an elegant, tailored way! But I actually love all your options.
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    Margot and Camille would go so perfectly with Vivienne!
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    Georgina, Camille/Camilla, Margot, Juliet, & Colette are all great choices.
    I prefer the Juliette spelling with Vivienne but you can't go wrong with any of these.

    Does Vivienne go by a nickname and if so do you want this daughter to have or not have one as well?
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    Margot is perfect with Vivienne!
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    Vivienne and Juliet work beautifully together! Vivi and Jules would be so sweet
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