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Thread: Baby girl name

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    True Rumi can be a nn to Rumer. :-)

    We actually have Darya, Delara and Parisa on our list however either me or DH don’t like one or the other! :-P

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    So exciting to see some fresh name ideas! I like all three and they suit your rules perfectly.
    Rumi would be my personal favourite.
    Shily I really like! I hadn't heard it before.
    Elara is lovely, not my personal style but I can see its beauty
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    Elara is the prettiest both appearance wise and sound wise... also the easiest to pronounce upon first glance! Neither Rumi nor Shily are my personal taste.
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    Love Elara! Never heard of it before but it's gorgeous.
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    Rumi - I like the background and it is definitely very usable. Beyonce named one of her daughters Rumi recently, so it's a bit more familiar but still (to my knowledge) not used a ton.
    Elara - I love the sound and look. It'll be easily pronounced, probably easily spelled. It sounds familiar and on trend without (to my knowledge) being super popular.
    Shily - Not a fan of the look or sound, but the meaning is cute. There will inevitably be lots of issues with people misspelling or mispronouncing it.

    My two favorites are Rumi and Elara. My personal favorite is Elara, but either is a good name. To me they have very different vibes. Rumi feels cozier and softer, and Elara feels more crisp. I don't know if you have a particular feel in mind, but I don't think you can really go wrong with either name.

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    I love Rumi and Elara! I really can't choose between the two of them but I think either one would be a great choice!

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    How would you pronounce Elara? I can think of three different ways:

    EE-lar-ah (think this is the way the moon is pronounced)



    Also makes a difference where you live. In the US the -arah (like in Sarah) sounds like air. While in UK, it's more of an arr sound.

    For this reason, I think I would choose Rumi.

    Good luck!

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    That's a good point! We live in Canada and we pronounce it Eh-lar-uh. I think that's how most people would pronounce it here. I wouldn't mind correcting if others mispronounce the name as I guess that can be the case with any name. :-)

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    Elara and Rumi are lovely names. Elara is beautiful, since it sounds delicate and feminine, yet I like Rumi for other qualities; spunk and freshness. I am not particularly fond of the name "Shily". Shirley would make a greater alternative to Shily, however, if the name is significant to you, you should use it. I think I prefer Rumi.

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    Rumi is my favourite. Lovely name and I wasn't aware of the Beyonce connection. Elara is okay, but sounds like a lot of popular names to me that start and end in vowels, so even though Elara is not popular it's very like lots of names that are popular. The sounds are nice in Shily, however I just hear 'Are you shy?' which is a constant and negative question asked to kids around me - and surely the name would provoke the question and be especially difficult if the child is quiet and thoughtful in character.

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