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Thread: Baby girl name

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    Baby girl name

    Hi everyone,
    We are halfway through our pregnancy and still struggling to find a name we both like for our little baby girl. It seems like we cant agree on most of the names on our list.

    There are 3 names that we can agree on but wanted to get an honest opinion here.

    We like the names to have a Persian root and a good meaning. Our lastname rhymes with Adam.

    1- Rumi (pronounces Rue-mee): Name of a 13th century Persian mystic and poet which we both love - also Beauty and flow in Japanese. (Unisex name)

    2- Elara : a moon of planet Jupiter - meaning in Persian: beauty of the tribe

    3- Shily (pronounces Shy-lee) : meaning in Persian: Little Diamond

    I appreciate your honest opinions on how they sound to you and which one is your favourite.

    Any suggestions for a middle name or any other name is welcomed.
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    I’ve never heard of Elara before, it’s beautiful! Rumi is nice too, but beware that it’s the name of one of Beyoncé’s babies, perhaps it doesn’t bother you at all that many people will make that association? Or perhaps it will rise it popularity?
    I honestly don’t know what I think of Shily , it sounds pretty though

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    Elara & Rumi are beautiful. Shily I cant get behind, it's not a bad name I'm just not a fan of most Lee ending names. They feel trendy and made up to me.

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    I agree with PPs, Elara and Rumi are my favourites as well. I too will warn you that one of Beyoncé’s children is named Rumi, in case that will bother you. I think Shily sounds pretty enough, but I really don’t care for how it looks.
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    Elara is my favorite! It is gorgeous. It sounds on trend, but it will probably be pretty unique in practice. I would pick Elara for sure.
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    I've always liked Rumi. Yes, it's one of Beyonce's babies but it isn't as notorious as Blue Ivy. I do also like Elara but Rumi definitely gets my vote.
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    Rumi is really lovely and FWIW, I didn't know Beyoncé's daughter (or son?) had that name - as above poster said, I only know Blue Ivy.

    Elara is very pretty, and it falls within the current mania for 'a' ending names (Isabella, Sophia, Olivia, Ella, yadda yadda). I would consider that a strike against it, but that's just me (I prefer less less elongated final letters).

    Do you have any guidelines for a middle name? It's challenging to come up with one when the rules for the first are very specific but no rules for the middle. If you really have no requirements the sky's the limit. Is there any family you want to honor via a middle name? Do you want a short one, a long one, one the contrasts with Rumi, or has the same length/sound?

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    LOVE Elara!! So beautiful and unique!
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    My favorite from your list is Elara!
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    From your list, Elara would be my first choice. Thoroughly lovely!

    Rumi reminds me of American actress/singer Rumer Willis, and Shily reminds me of American singer/songwriter/actress Miley Cyrus.

    Persian suggestions:

    Darya -- "sea, ocean"

    Delara -- "adorning the heart"

    Laleh -- "tulip"

    Parisa -- "like a fairy"

    Soraya -- "the Pleiades"

    Zahra -- "brilliant, bright"

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