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    The Trouble with...

    Looks awfully like I'm getting cold feet about our choices. I'm probably overthinking it, but my old favorites kind of seem to have lost their charm, and my husband's friend has just used Balthazar for his son's middle name, which makes Buzz much less special. Uh oh...

    Anyway, husband suggested Lysander the other day, and I'm sort of loving him. I must have been overlooking him the whole time because he is just so "us" - unusual but not silly, distinctive yet familiar, literary and historical...I'm a diehard Shakespeare fan, so I love the connection to A Midsummer Night's Dream. His Lysander is such a knight in shining armor!

    So what do we think? His siblings are Cornelia and Endymion, and I'm thinking Sasha and Lys for nicknames. Most troubling is the lack of Y in Cornelia (as opposed to EndYmion and LYsander), but I'm probably being waaaay too picky.

    P.S. Lysander makes me think of Scamander, but that would be crazy, right?
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    I think it fits

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    Lysander is seriously awesome. Nell, Teddy, and Lys? That’s just too cool.

    I don’t think the y’s in the boys’ names are too big of a deal, although if it really bothers you, I would look elsewhere. I definitely know how it feels to be madly in love with a name, but think it’s not quite right. Lucy is my #1 for a girl, and because of that, I feel certain I couldn’t use Hugo, and maybe even Truman.

    Um, also I love Scamander. A lot.
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    Lysander*is great! Go for it!
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    Another vote for Lysander. It is wonderful, on its own and with your sibset.
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