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  • Cressida

    15 26.79%
  • Lorelie

    11 19.64%
  • Phaedra

    27 48.21%
  • Hestia

    11 19.64%
  • Persephone

    25 44.64%
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    Question Sister for Cordelia, Hermione & Sibylla

    Help!!!! 4th little girl arriving in 2 weeks time.

    We already have: Cordelia, Hermione & Sibylla.

    I love all of our girls name but if I were allowed a secret favourite it would be Sibylla as it envokes a strong & spicy image which our Sibylla lives up to perfectly! I Love unusual names , particularly ones that aren’t obviously spelt or popular, we are UK based x

    I am looking for opinions on our current favourites (ideally not recommendations of other names to avoid more confusion) .

    Our short list at the moment are:


    My concerns are:

    Cressida- a little in the frilly side? & don’t like the nickname Cressy!

    Lorelie- not that I have ever watched it but apparently there is a character in a series called the Gilmore girls? Worried this would make it popular?

    Phaedra- again a recent character in the series Outlander , could it become popular?

    Hestia- pretty straight forward.

    Persephone- name meaning does not concern us, but again a little bit on the frilly side??

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    I think with the sibset you have, Persephone and Lorelie are my favorites! Persephone seems to fit better with your other girl's names, though I might sightly prefer Lorelie. Either are beautiful options and I don't think Persephone is too frilly!

    In Gilmore Girls the character is named Lorelai (pronounced Lor-A-Lie) it depends on where you live, and you might get some comments at first, but I think the name is established enough to overcome the association. If you're concerned, you could go with the pronounciation Lor-A-Lee instead!
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    Debating between Phoebe Blythe, Phoebe Odette, Phoebe Willa, and Phoebe Iris

    Also thinking about ---
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    I like Lorelie

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    My vote goes to Phaedra! It's adventurous and mythological, with a cool sound. It's a perfect fit with your sibset.
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    I voted for Phaedra!

    Unless you feel strongly about them (and it appears you don't), I'd recommend nixing Hestia and Cressida because you already have H and C covered with your other daughters. Lorelie (Lorelei?) doesn't seem to fit the style of the others.

    That leaves your two P choices, Phaedra or Persephone. I wouldn't worry about the Outlander association of Phaedra - if anything, Persephone is likely the more "popular" choice because the myth is so familiar.

    Although I slightly prefer Phaedra, Persephone is also a nice choice in that it helps balance Hermione against the other two names ending in -a. Cordelia, Sibylla, and Phaedra could sound a bit stacked against poor outlier Hermione.

    I know you said you aren't looking for suggestions, but I just can't help it - would you consider Ariadne?

    It ticks the boxes of 1) Greek/mythological roots (not that you identified that box, but I couldn't help see the connection from your prospective list and the names you've already chosen), 2) unique letter compared with her sisters, and 3) shares the long -e ending with Hermione that could add overall balance to the sibset.

    Good luck!

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