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  • Cressida

    26 32.10%
  • Lorelie

    15 18.52%
  • Phaedra

    34 41.98%
  • Hestia

    14 17.28%
  • Persephone

    39 48.15%
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    I voted for Cressida, Phaedra, and Lorelie - I prefer the Lorelei spelling.

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    My daughter is called Lorelei and we get lots of nice comments on how unusual and pretty it is, some people mention gilmore girls but not many and it's never negative. It's definitely not a name you hear a lot of we haven't met any others so far, my daughter is 3.

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    Thanks for everyone’s input x I’m having a c-section on Monday & my husband & I have made a pact to have 24 hours with her before going firm on a name x

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    This may be offbeat, but while I think the sound of Phaedra fits well w/her sisters' names, it's only two syllables long & the others are 4, 4, & 3. Would Fiona work for a similar sound but longer name?

    Like others, I'd skip Hestia because of already having a name beginning w/H, plus at least for me it seems slight in sound when compared to the others. I'd also skip Cressida because of already having a name beginning w/C.

    That leaves Lorelie & favorite is Persephone: 4 syllables, different first initial, & enough familiarity w/the name to make it easier for most people to spell & pronounce it. Additionally, then you'd have two names that end in -a & two that end in -e.

    If you really like Lorelie, I'd use the traditional spelling of Lorelei...autocorrect kept changing the spelling each time I typed the name, & I think enough people are familiar w/Lorelei to not have issues w/the spelling. Plus the traditional spelling of Lorelei goes nicely w/the mythological background of Sibylla. A bonus w/Lorelei is that the ending is not an -a, so that you'd have two sisters whose names end in -a, one in -e, & one in -i. As far as the Gilmore Girls references, I believe the show has been off the air for a while, so the association should be diminishing.

    Good luck & please let us know what you choose!
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    I would go Lorelie (LOR-lai?)

    You already have H and C names, and Persephone sounds a bit like Hermione. Phaedra makes 3 names ending in -a, which I personally wouldn't like, but it's ultimately your choice!

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