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  • Cressida

    26 32.10%
  • Lorelie

    15 18.52%
  • Phaedra

    34 41.98%
  • Hestia

    14 17.28%
  • Persephone

    39 48.15%
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    I would go for Persephone or Phaedra.

    Means all have own starting initial, and they have excellent nn options - eg for Persephone, Posey, Sephie, Poppy, Percy or, for Phaedra, Faye, Eddy etc.

    But if you want to lower the drama and highlight the prettiness (versus the boldness) of your others, I’d go for Lorelei / Lorelie (I prefer former spelling).

    Other names you might like that still mean all own letters: Odessa, Gwendolyn/en, Olympia, Anoushka.

    I’d go for Persephone!
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    My recommendations:

    Cordelia {and} Rosalind {or, from your list, Cressida}

    Hermione {and} Imogen {or, from your list, Persephone}

    Sibylla {and} Hestia
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    I would agree with pp's that it would be great for each of the girls to have their own initials. The ones that double don't seem right to me when I put the girls' names together to test.

    Lorelie doesn't fit with the others, imo. Persephone is far top strongly tied to the mythological character so that gives credence to the 'popular' feeling a pp suggested due to her story's fame.

    Phaedra is the best of your choices imo. Having a character by that name in Outlander is not going to make it too popular if you ask me. Look at the widely popular Game of Thrones. Yes, some names get buoyed up, but just because a name appears there doesn't mean it rises to true popularity. The only ones from that series that rose significantly, from my knowledge, are Arya and Khaleesi (which is crazy to me as it is a title, not a name, but that's a topic for another day).

    Btw, I love your name selections. Great job

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    I both love and think fit beautifully with her siblings, Cressida, Phaedra & Persephone. Yes, Cressida & Persephone are quite 'frilly' but to me, so are Cordelia, Hermione & Sibylla so they all fit perfectly together. I don't think Outlander's Phaedre will cause it to become overly popular - I don't think she's too central a character to become commonplace.

    If I had to chose one for your sister-set, I'd go Phaedra -- different initial (Cordelia & Cressida) and avoiding the similar endings (Hermione & Persephone). Ultimately though, my own personal favourite from your list is Persephone.
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    So I said all of your daughter's names in sequence with each of the options before voting, and I only voted for one name: Phaedra. I think it fits perfectly into your set and while all of the options are beautiful, I think it possesses those same qualities that you love so much about Sibylla while still being distinct. If I were to consider another name it would be Persephone which would also fit in nicely, though I find the -ne ending between Hermione and Persephone just a little matchy. (I know the other names end in --a but they are still pretty distinct from each other. -ia, -la, and -dra for example all sound quite different whereas the -ne creates the exact same sound.) Really this is a pretty small consideration though.

    Some asides:

    - I don't find the name Cressida frilly at all, I actually find it quite harsh sounding, though no unattractive.

    - In Gilmore girls both main Characters are names Lorelai, though one goes by the nickname Rory. When I consider that name and spelling when I was pregnant nearly everyone I mentioned it to did bring up Gilmore Girls.
    While not a hugely popular name it is popular compared to your other choices and is definitely tied very strongly to that particular pop culture reference.

    - Persephone it still outside of the top 100, but I feel like it's going to crack inti it soon. I've noticed a rise in buzz around it and have seen more people considering it, but I wouldn't call it popular now. It feels like a name that's going to climb considerably over the next 5-10 years though. It's a name of love and is in our top two considerations, though Isadora has become my favorite.

    - I'm not concerned by the Outlander association. The books and show have a big but niche audience. I don't really see a mainstream boom happening for this name despite its beauty.

    - Hestia is a very cool name on it's own merit but I do think already having an H name in you set eliminates it. I can tell you go for an atmosphere of individuality with each name and that would detract from that just a bit.
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