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    Archimedes Theodore 08/22/2016

    Oleander Peregrine, Viridian Isidore?

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    Names we aren't using:
    Ptolemy Claude-Yves, Bartholomew Daedalus, Montgomery Belvedere, Hyperion Nightingale, Ignatius Voltaire, Dorian Alphonse.

    Isadora Eponine, Persephone Rosamund?

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    Names we aren't using:
    Ophelia Winter-Wren, Cornelia Beatrix, Euphemia Magdalen, Octavia Winifred, Honora Xanthe, Diantha Yvaine, Galatea Antionette, Lamia Odette.

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    Not all of these fit the criteria completely, but I hope they achieve the vibe the parents are looking for.

    Asteria June
    Asteria Joy
    Asteria Ocean
    Asteria Bay
    Asteria Harbor
    Asteria Haven
    Asteria Selene
    Asteria Leone
    Asteria Mars
    Asteria Venus
    Asteria Nova
    Asteria Luna
    Asteria Lyra
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    Asteria is a beautiful name!!

    The first name that came to mind was Asteria Stella, if you don't mind the repetition of sounds (which I don't!) And I've also seen the gorgeous combo Asteria Nova suggested a few times.

    Other suggestions:

    Asteria Seren (Welsh for star)
    Asteria Ursa (from Ursa major/minor)
    Asteria Breeze
    Asteria Alya (means heavens/exalted one)
    Asteria Ceres (dwarf planet in our solar system and I think similar enough the Cerys to be usable)
    Asteria Eris (as above, similar to Erin)
    Asteria Cyra
    Asteria Esther
    Asteria Flora
    Asteria Halley
    Asteria Hesper (evening star)
    Asteria Luna
    Asteria Lusine/Lucine
    Asteria Lyra
    Asteria Vega
    Asteria Maia
    Asteria Shaula

    My favourites would be Asteria Nova, Asteria Alya, Asteria Lyra, Asteria Hesper and Asteria Shaula... but with such a beautiful first name any middle would sound great 😊 hope this helps!
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