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    Whitney Avery or Avery Whitney?

    Good evening!
    We are expecting our little girl in May, but are not very sure on her name yet. We love both Avery and Whitney, but are not sure which one should go first.
    It's either Whitney Avery or Avery Whitney.
    What do you guys think, why, and what alternate spellings of both names do you know?
    Ps: please please don't be like "oh I don't like either one what about Sophie Anna ect" or "well both of them sound horrible so it's time for a new name list".
    No offense, but if you don't like it, just please leave us alone.
    Thank you.
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    I like Avery Whitney, spelled just like this. But I would consider whether uniqueness is a concern for you or not. You probably won't meet other little Whitney's (though you never know) while Avery is pretty popular right now. I would also consider what potential nn you prefer. Even if you don't plan on using one yourself, others may.

    ETA: I think I prefer Avery Whitney because it doesn't run together. The -ey vowel endings cause a "Whit-ney Yay-very" sound for me, and having the mn start with a consonant helps to alleviate that. It isn't too bad but just worth noting if it bothers you.
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    Also, if you are confused, what we mean by Whitney Avery or Avery Whitney is like first name and middle name.

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    I really enjoy both names, but I might be inclined to put Whitney in the first name spot because it is a little more unexpected right now. Avery is a beautiful name too but it is rather popular, so Whitney might be more distinctive as a first name. I don't think you can go wrong though. I don't necessarily think either of these names would lend themselves to a nickname unless you worked to make it happen
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    I loooooove Avery! So Avery Whitney gets my vote. I feel like there are a lot of A and E names for little girls right now and this fits in.

    Whitney is a lovely and familiar name as well, though! And I agree with others saying its a more unique FN
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