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    Ohhh, just noticed Penelope Joy, too—I may like that even more! Both options are super lovely!
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    Penelope is my favorite. It's equal parts spunky and beautiful. Penelope Jean is probably my #1. I also like Celeste. The other 2 are not my style.
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    Celeste and Scarlett are soooo pretty! I think Celeste just about tops it for me because it’s not as popular but they’re both beautiful.

    Love the combo Scarlett Celeste.
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    I don't really care for Madison and although Celeste is pretty (Celeste Rose would be my favorite combo), I just love Penelope and Scarlett!! My favorite combo of them all is Scarlett Rose! It's beautiful!

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    I’d go for Celeste - it’s a beautiful name that ages so well. Its only weakness is its limited nicknames but you could use Star or Stella or else Cel, Lessie or CJ (if Celeste Jean, say).

    Otherwise, I would go for Penelope or Scarlett depending on if you want Penny/Poppy or Scout/Lettie/Cara etc.

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    Penelope Rose is lovely! And I like that Penelope has so many nickname options. I know 2 Penelopes- one goes by Polly and one goes by Poppy.

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