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    Opinions on our top 4 baby girl names! :)

    Hello nameberry crew!

    We are looking for some opinions on our top 4 name choices for our baby girl arriving in a few weeks:

    1) Madison (Maddie)
    2) Penelope (Penny)
    3) Scarlett
    4) Celeste

    Possible middle names: Joy, Jean, Rose, Dawn

    Would love to know your thoughts - we are having a tough time choosing!!

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    From your list, my favourite is Scarlett! Scarlett Rose would be lovely! I also like Penelope Jean as a combo.
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    First of all, they're all pretty names and I don't think you can go wrong.

    Madison - I'm in my 20s, and I know so many Madisons / Madelines / Madelyns / Maddies / Maddys, I don't really love it anymore. That said, I don't know how many baby Maddie's are being born in 2019, so it could still be ok.

    Penelope - I think Penny is my favourite from your list. I like that she's got a long name, but can easily shorten it, and that you've picked the most obvious nickname, which will save her years of effort of - "I know Penny makes sense, but I actually go by Lola" etc.

    Scarlett - A pretty name, I feel it's somewhat dated.

    Celeste - I just prefer the sound of Penelope to the sound of Celeste.

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    Out of the options I think Celeste is the prettiest and also goes well with the others

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    Celeste and Penelope are both beyond gorgeous. I love nn Penny for Penelope, and I love how unique Celeste is, without being weird or unfamiliar.

    I think Penelope "Penny" Joy and Celeste Dawn are the loveliest of your options.

    Scarlett is pretty too, but Penelope and Celeste are just so stunning that Scarlett is #3 for me.

    Madison comes in at a distant #4 for me. I know sooooooooo many, ranging in age from 0-30. When I've met ever so many, it doesn't feel special anymore, but that's just me.

    PS. I really like the wonderful combined meaning of Celeste Dawn - Heavenly morning.
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