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    Madison- I don't personally like Madison, but I don't mind Maddie, Madison Jean is lovely
    Penelope- My favourite the nicknames are lovely, Nellie, Pennie etc, Penelope Joy is gorgeous
    Scarlett- I like Scarlett, I think its so underrated IMO, Scarlett Dawn is my favourite combo
    Celeste- So nice, it's in the same groups as Luna and Apollo, but it's so different and unique, Celeste Rose/ Joy is so beautiful!

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    I love Penelope! Penelope Rose is cute, but my vote is for Penelope Joy. One of the happiest names I’ve ever heard!
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    My favourites are Penelope and Scarlett. Love Celeste, but only as a middle name. I don't care for Madison, but see the appeal, and I do like Maddie/Maddy.

    Penelope Rose/Penelope Joy and Scarlett Joy/Scarlett Jean are gorgeous!

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    Oh thanks so much for all of the fantastic input It is so great to hear everyone's opinions!!

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    My favorites from your list are Penelope and Scarlett
    Thinking about....

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