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    Madison- I don't personally like Madison, but I don't mind Maddie, Madison Jean is lovely
    Penelope- My favourite the nicknames are lovely, Nellie, Pennie etc, Penelope Joy is gorgeous
    Scarlett- I like Scarlett, I think its so underrated IMO, Scarlett Dawn is my favourite combo
    Celeste- So nice, it's in the same groups as Luna and Apollo, but it's so different and unique, Celeste Rose/ Joy is so beautiful!

    Favourite Combos

    Arthur Alec
    Finnick George
    Reggie Ewan

    Wren Florence
    Olive Emmeline
    Thea Clementine

    Lottie, Effie, Evelina, Amelie, Robin, Luna, Maisie, Esme, Maeve, Edie,
    Ivy, Lulu, Ottilie, Poppy, Blythe, Hettie, Lumi, Bryony, Lydia, Heidi

    Leo, Archie, Hugo, Remi, Seren, Aspen, Tommy, Milo, Bertie,
    Flynn, Casper, Ludo, Chester, Kyoto, Memphis, Luther

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    I love Penelope! Penelope Rose is cute, but my vote is for Penelope Joy. One of the happiest names I’ve ever heard!
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    My favourites are Penelope and Scarlett. Love Celeste, but only as a middle name. I don't care for Madison, but see the appeal, and I do like Maddie/Maddy.

    Penelope Rose/Penelope Joy and Scarlett Joy/Scarlett Jean are gorgeous!
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    missing: max ziven and daisy ceres

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    Oh thanks so much for all of the fantastic input It is so great to hear everyone's opinions!!

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    My favorites from your list are Penelope and Scarlett
    Thinking about....

    Athena - Hedda - Kira - Vendela - Ophelia - Thalia

    Viggo - Elliot - Tristan - August - Emanuel - Liam

    Vote on my name lists!

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