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    I love Penelope best from your list. Penelope Joy would be my pick. It is classic and on-trend, the nickname gives it versatility, and it works well with all of your middle name choices. My second choice would be Scarlett Jean.
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    Oh wow - thanks so much for the awesome feedback thus far It is so great to hear your impressions!! Claireelisewren I had never thought about celeste dawn as heavenly morning - lovely!!

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    I love Penelope!! Penelope Joy or Penelope Jean would be lovely!!
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    Scarlett Joy is stunning!
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    You have a lovely list, and your daughter is going to have a lovely name.

    Madison (Maddie): While this is a nice name, I just don't see it as fitting with your style. It's extremely popular, being within the top 20, and being 15, I've known so many that I've lost its luster. In addition, many of the names you like are timeless, where Madison seems tied to a specific era. It's also far less distinctively feminine than the other three names you like, and is very unisex. My favorite Madison combos are Madson Joy and Madison Rose.
    Penelope (Penny): This is such a striking, beautiful name. It is quite popular, but not so much as Madison, and fits with the feminine, ethereal style you love. Penelope Jean is my favorite because Penelope is contemporary but classic, and Jean is vintage and tailored. I also adore Penelope Joy (the "o" sounds!) and Penelope Dawn!
    Scarlett: I love this name. It is so feminine, lush, and beautiful. It's also very much a classic. Scarlett Rose is my favorite combo because of the color connection between the two; "Red Rose" is such an awesome meaning!
    Celeste: This might be my favorite for you. Etheral, bright, long history of use, and striking. I like the suggestion of Celeste Dawn a lot, but I also like Celeste Joy.
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