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    August vs Augustus

    Hi all! My husband and I are expecting our first baby in May. We are not finding out the sex.

    We've been discussing the names August and Augustus. I suggested August, and I am feeling pretty attached it it. He doesn't care for August as much, but really likes Augustus

    I do like the name, but I worry that its a little "too much" for a baby. I am having a hard time picturing introducing our baby as "Augustus" - does it seem truly usable? I'm just looking for some general opinions on the names, and any experience you have with either. Thanks!

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    I much prefer the understated August to Augustus. To my ear, Augustus is a lot to live up to at any stage of life. I really like Augustine though. Might that work as a compromise?
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    I prefer the simpler August as I think it would be easier to wear. I also like pp’s suggestion of Augustine although August is my favourite.

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    I also prefer the simplicity of August. Augustus is a bit grand for me plus I really don't like the "gustus" sound of the name.

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    I think both names are fine. If you decide on Augustus, he could/would still be called August or Gus.
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    I don’t think Augustus is too much for a baby and I quite like the name, however I too have a stronger attachment to August. Like PP said, you can always name him Augustus, but call him August.
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    I feel it is a bit much, but that is because it is buried too far in the Roman empire for me that I can't see it ever digging its way out. Oddly, Augustine does seem more wearable to me.

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    I love both! Augustus is adorable on a baby. This maybe isn't a good association but it reminds me of the mouse from Cinderella. It's sweet and playful. August has a different vibe--more serious and beautiful. It's a tough choice! Would you be okay naming him Augustus but calling him August?
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    I prefer August. I love a lot of -us names but Augustus just doesn't do it for me.
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    I prefer August, Augustus seems a bit heavy to be wearable for me.
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