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    I think Iris works really well with Margaret/Margot and Edith/Edie. I don't think it's a huge deal if one sibling doesn't have a nickname. Otherwise I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices. I'm leaning towards Dorothy "Dottie" from your other options, just because it feels a little more unexpected.

    I know a few people have mentioned Agnes as an alternative, and just as a word of caution you would have all three siblings from the Despicable Me / Minions franchise if you did so. In the correct order as well.
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    Hi! I really Dorothy in your options. You girls have very dashing names I have some suggestions if you need more picks though:

    - Adelaide or Adeline: with the nickname Addie or Ada
    - Florence, Floriane or Flora: with the nickname Flo, Flossie, Florie...
    - Beatrice or Beatrix: She can be called Bee, Bea, Trish...
    - Emmeline: It's soft and quite unusual. Once again, I see many nicknames like Em, Emmy or Lee
    - Isabel or Isobel: with the nickname Izzy
    - Cecily: With the nickname Cece
    - Rosalie: With the nickname Roz or Rosie
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    I like Dorothy --> Margo, Edie, and Dot

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    I love your daughter's names! I think that Dorothy Iris would be PERFECT!

    Some other ideas:

    Beatrice/Beatrix nn Bea
    Caroline nn Carrie
    Annabel/Annabelle nn Annie or Belle
    Florence nn Flossie
    Victoria nn Tori

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    Some other berries beat me to the suggestion of Catherine/Katherine nn Kitty - Margot, Edie, and Kitty sound like classic sisters if I've ever heard them!

    Dorothy Iris/Dot is also beautiful.

    What about Louise/Lou/Lulu? Margot, Edie, and Lou are adorable!

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    I like Iris

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    Additional suggestions:

    Edith {and} Lydia

    Margaret {and} Eleanor
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