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    Name for Sister to Margaret and Edith

    Hi everyone!

    We have two daughters named Margaret Eloise and Edith Clementine and are expecting our third in May. Margaret goes by Margot and Edith goes by Edie. We loved our daughters names for their timeless strength and spunky nickname potential. We are however, really stuck on a name for a third. We LOVE the name Iris but worry that is doesn't match our older girls names for two reasons: 1.) It doesn't have a nickname. 2.) We worry that it's not classic enough. Is Iris classic/stylistically similar enough? Is it weird that our third wouldn't have a nickname to go by?

    Other names we've discussed and liked are:
    Frances NN: Frankie
    Dorothy NN: Dot/Dottie
    Harriett NN: Hattie

    Do you have any suggestions for a third name that goes with our older girls? We like something classic but not in the 100 with a cute potential nickname.

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    I really love your daughters names. I adore Dorothy nn Dottie for you! That would be my pick. Some other ideas, if you're not sure:

    Claudia nn Claude or Claudie
    Lydia nn Lydie
    Cecilia nn Cece
    Philippa nn Pippa
    Philomena nn Mina
    Priscilla nn Cilla
    Gwendolen nn Gwen
    Helena nn Nell
    Josephine nn Fia
    Susanna nn Suki
    Adelaide nn Daisy
    Sybil nn Sybbie
    Paulina nn Polly
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    Your list is perfect! Iris works just fine but I also love Dorothy nn Dot/Dottie. Iris Dorothy would be cute.
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    I think all the names on your list are good and would work well with the sisters. I think Iris is perfect with Margot and Edie and with the longer forms Margaret and Edith. You could use nn Rissa or Riss or Isa, though it doesn't need a nn. I think it's fine not using a nn for one child (and something unexpected could develop as a nn anyway). If I had to pick one of the 4 as best fit I choose Frances/Frankie.

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    What about Dorothy nn Polly? I love Polly with your sibset! I also really like your idea of Harriet nn Hattie.
    A few other options:
    Apolline nn Polly is another idea. It’s a little more “out there” but still is a classic name
    Agnes nn Aggie
    Coraline nn Cora
    Cordelia nn Delia, Della, Cori, Cora, Cordi
    Elizabeth nn Betty or Betsy
    Victoria nn Tori
    Katherine nn Kit or Kitty
    Josephine nn Posy
    Caroline always feels super classic to me. You could do Carly or even Lena as a nickname.
    Charlotte nn Lottie would also be adorable with your girls!
    Good luck!
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