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    I love Iris with your daughters! I don't think it's strange that she wouldn't have a nickname, and I think Iris is absolutely a timeless, strong, beautiful classic. From your list of three, my favorite is Dorothy. I love that it has strong vowel sounds and a literary history. What about...

    Louisa nn Louise, Luna, Lou: I absolutely love this with your sibset. It's a feminization, just like Harriett, and has lots of strength and historical ties. The catch: Is it too close to Eloise?
    Irene nn Rena, Rina: If you like Iris, what about Irene? It is one of the most classic, striking names out there, and has some nickname options.
    Rosemary nn Mary, Rose, Rosie: A nature name, like Iris, but longer like the names of your daughters. It is strong, elegant, refined, and classic. Rosemary comes with a treasure trove of fantastic nicknames, and might be my favorite for you. It even picks up the ending of Dorothy. Rosalind, Rosalie, and the simple Rose are other considerations.
    Rachel nn Ray/Rae, Rach: Here's an underused classic! Rachel is strong, tailored, bright, and feminine. It has the "l" from Eloise and Clementine, and the "r" from Margaret. Ruth nn Rue is a shorter option.
    Phoebe: A bright, perfectly quirky, charming, solid classic, Phoebe is a great consideration for you. It especially reminds me of Eloise and Harriett.
    Esther nn Etta, Essie, Thea: Esther is one of the strongest classics out there, and is criminally underused. It does share an initial with Edith, but they're definitely distinct from one another. Evangeline is rising, but could be perfect.
    Julia nn Jules, Julie, Lia: I've saved on of my favorites for last. Julia an excellent length, is sophisticated and mature, and very much a classic.
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    Frances, Dorothy, and Iris are all so perfect!
    I can’t choose between the 3-they are all darling.

    I love Hattie but don’t care for Harriet.

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    MargaretMargot”, EdithEdie” and Iris sound perfect to me. I also like Harriett for you.
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    I think Iris totally works. Margot, Edie and Iris - I don't think it sounds out of place. I don't mind that she doesn't get a nickname, my brother has one, I don't and it's not weird at all.

    But I also like Harriet. Not a fan of Dorothy - so clunky, or Frances - just not my style.

    Edie, Margot & Hattie - very cute
    Edie, Margot & Iris - also works.
    Edie, Margot & Agnes - I've gotta say I'm leaning towards this one.

    A couple other ideas:
    - Pearl - just reminds me of Iris, but again, no nickname potential.
    - Clementine - Clem or Emmy
    - Louisa - Lou
    - Penelope - Penny
    - Katherine - Kit / Kate / Katie
    - Diana
    - Helena
    - Florence - Flora

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