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    Help naming a third girl

    My husband and I just found out that our fourth child will be another girl. We are thrilled to have another daughter, just not so thrilled by the prospect of agreeing on another girls name! She joins older siblings:

    Halina Beatrix Jane, nickname Holly
    Rowan James Kendrick
    Silvia Margaret Clare, called Sylvie or sometimes Silver or Sylph

    Thoughts? I like nature names (nature in just the meaning or nickname are fine). We picked Holly and Sylvie’s name by choosing the nicknames first, so we might try something similar here. Faye, Fia, and Fern are favorites, and May is nice too.

    It gets tricky because I’m pretty picky about not wanting something too similar in sound. Yet I really like the -l and -ina sounds, so a lot of my favorites feel too matchy. Felicity for Faye seems like it might fall into that category, and the husband doesn’t really like it anyway.

    Francesca might be a contender - Francesca Mary Violet is a combo we’ve considered. I think middles will be pretty flexible since we have already honored our important people. Is Faye from Francesca too much of a stretch?

    Feel free to offer fresh suggestions with other nicknames too. A refresh might be just what we need. Thank you.

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    Congrats!! Your children's names are positively lovely! I adore Francesca Mary Violet, and I think Faye is a perfect nickname. If you aren't sold on Francesca as a first, I think that Frances could make a great second middle. From what I've seen, you tend to like vintage beauties, not too common, but easily pronounceable. Some suggestions:

    Adelaide/Adela nn Addy, Della: Both of these names are vintage and on-trend, but not trendy, particularly the former, and are very elegant without being frilly. They go very nicely with the names of your other children, as well.
    Delilah nn Della or Dahlia nn Della, Lia, Dolly: I used your strategy of working backwards from the nickname, and Della was the one I used because it's my favorite ever: Vintage, sweet, and lovely. Delilah and Dahlia seem to be just about ideal for your sibset: Nature-related, vintage, very feminine, lots of history but not overly popular.
    Daphne nn Day, Dani: Speaking of great "D" names, what about Daphne? It's classic but vastly underused, and reminds me of Beatrix.
    Elodie nn Ellie, Lily: Elodie maintains the "l" sounds from Halina and Sylvia, and is every bit as stylish and intriguing.
    Martha nn Mara, Mary: Martha is such a sweet, vintage name, but it can also stand up with the very substantial Sylvia and Halina. Martha has a style that reminds me of James, but all the flair of Kendrick.
    Cecily/Cecilia nn Cece, Lily/Celia, Lia, Cilla, Cece, etc,: Two fabulous, feminine classics with an amazing array of nickname options. Once again, I love the "l" sound, the flow, and the sophistication. Claudia nn Audi, Clio, or Lia and Cordelia nn Delia, Della, Cory, or Lia are equally wonderful.
    Eleanor nn Ellie, Nora: This name is a bit more popular than your daughter's names, and while I like it for you as a first due to its elegance, I prefer it as a middle reminiscent of Jane and Claire.
    Florence/Florentina nn Flo, Flora, Tina: I think of these two botanical, beautiful classics whenever I see the lovely Francesca, and I particularly like that they share the "l."
    Agnes nn Aggie, Ness, Nessie, Annie : A very weighty, old-fashioned name, but one that is primed for a revival. The tailored Agnes seems a particularly fantastic match with Rowan. Agnes also comes with some sweet, charming nicknames.
    Irina: Just as classic and evocative as Irene, which I like as a middle, Irina has an extra bit of flair while maintaining its streamlined elegance. The catch: Is it too close to Halina?
    Ingrid: I love a name with style and quirk, and to me each of your children's names epitomize that. So does Ingrid, sweet, different, and lovely.
    Rosalind/Rosalinda/Rosalie nn Rose, Rosie: I love the botanical ties, and that each of these names is traditional without being overused. Again, the "l" sound that I love. The catch: Is it too close to Rowan?

    Other ideas: Valentina, Aurelia (a favorite of mine for you!), Ruth, Isobel.
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    Cecily Ingrid Rosalind
    Cecily Violet Irene
    Cecily Violet Ruth
    Cecelia Florence Adelaide
    Cecelia Mary Ruth
    Eleanor Agnes Violet
    Eleanor Agnes Mary
    Florence Isobel Ruth
    Florence Daphne Adelaide
    Agnes Martha Rosalie
    Agnes Mary Irene
    Irina Daphne Claudia
    Irina Cecily Violet
    Ingrid Daphne Violet
    Ingrid Rosalinda Mary
    Rosalind Frances Eleanor
    Rosalind Violet Isobel
    Rosalie Valentina Ruth
    Aurelia Violet Cecily
    Valentina Eleanor Ruth
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    I think Faye from Francesca works. You could even get Fern from that "Fran" syllable, at a stretch.

    Other ideas:

    Flora or Florence
    Fenella (could be Fern for short, maybe? Or Fenna/Fen, Nella/Nell)
    Cosima "Cosy" or "Coco"
    Marian or Mariam "May"
    Lucinda "Lucy" or "Luna"
    Brigitte "Birdie" or "Bee"
    Marigold "Goldie"
    Orla (could also be "Goldie" due to meaning)
    Willa/Willamine "Willow"
    Paloma "Pearl", "Lola" or "Dove"
    Adelaide "Daisy"
    Josephine "Posy" or "Phin" (or Fia/Fee as suggested above)
    Coralie/Coraline "Coral"
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