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    There haven’t been to many names that we nixed my fiancé does just doesn’t like a lot of names lol. Our last name rhymes with Barley so we couldn’t use Everly it’s to much with the last name.
    I’m not sure what other nicknames I like. I’ve always like Evie but I can’t find a name my fiancé likes that gives that nickname. That why I thought Avie was close lol. And he does like Aviva!

    Erin Beth I love a lot of the names you’ve suggested but my fiancé doesn’t lol unfortunately

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    I think Aviva nn Avie would be great, and I still really like Talia nn Tali for you.

    I'll throw out a few more though.

    Allura nn Ally
    Calandra nn Cali/Andy
    Cambria nn Cami/Bree
    Catalina nn Cat/Tali
    Coralie nn Cora
    Juliet nn Juju
    Lucienne nn Lucy/Lulu
    Mariposa nn Posy
    Miranda nn Andy/Randy
    Sabrina nn Bree
    Scarlett nn Lettie
    Serena nn Suri/Ree

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    Aviva Mae is gorgeous (then again, I suppose I am biased as Aviva is my own top name at the moment, and has been for quite some time now). She's just gorgeous, works well with Eliana, and gives you the nicknames your after. I greatly prefer Aviva to Avelyn, which I just find trendy (I'm not really a fan of -lyn names in general).

    Also, for the record, I think Evie for Aviva works. No, it doesn't necessarily work when written (and Ivie tends to make one want to say Ivy...) but sound-wise it certainly does and being a nickname, I don't see why that wouldn't work.

    ** Oh, and I see Octavia's been mentioned which isn't to your liking, but (although a longshot really as probably not your style) how about Ravenna or Kavita for your nickname Avie?
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    Reworking my combos...

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