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    I would pronounce Aveline Av-el-een fwiw. I think it’s prettier than Avelyn but both are nice.
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    Thank you all! I’m not really a fan of Aveline don’t like how it’s pronounced! I like the name pronounced Ah Vuh Lynn so thats why I like the spelling Avelyn, that’s the only way I could think that way would be spelling. But I love the nicknames Avie and Vivi.

    So you think Aviva is the only way to get both of those nicknames???

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    I would go with Aveline (Av-uh-line) or Avelyn. I don't like the look of Avelin. Looks like it's missing a letter or something. Avelyn is close enough to Evelyn that it looks like a proper first name that you didn't make up.

    I think Avelyn is really pretty, and I love the nn Avie. I think it goes well with Eliana / Ellie.

    Just saw your comment about nn Vivi. I wouldn't think that Avelyn could go to Vivi, I would stick with Avie, and maybe over time it'll shorten to Vie, and then Vivi. But Aviva definitely makes more sense if you want Avie and Vivi as options. I also think you could save Vivi for another daughter - Vivienne?

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    Thank you! I like either Avelyn or Aviva. And I’m not a really a fan of Vivienne lol. I like a name that has a few nickname options and full names that I like. My Eliana I call Ellie mostly but I call her Elle Belle, Belle, Bellie and stuff like that

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    LOVE the name Avelyn. I think it sounds so pretty, also works ver nicely with Eliana. Some nicknames could be:


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    I don't like Avelyn, but I guess you're limited if you want that pronunciation. I pronounce Aveline like ah-va-lyn (same with Madeline) so I would go for that, but I love the suggestion of Avalon. Either way, the name does go with Eliana.

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    What about Evelyn nn Evie
    Is is too similar to Eliana/Ellie?
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    IIRC Aviva has a lovely meaning...springtime. It's spritely, sounds great w/Eliana, & you'd get both Avie & Vivi as possible nicknames.
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    Thanks everyone!! Aviva is definitely growing in me. Lol I do think it sounds great with Eliana. Lol. And I do love The nickname Evie but my fiancé doesn’t like any names that give that nickname. I liked Evelyn he doesn’t lol!

    You couldn’t get Evie from Aviva right?? Lol!

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    Oh and the middle name we already have picked. It will be Mae. How does Aviva Mae sound?

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