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    Avelyn is nice! I do prefer the look of Aveline but the pronunciation is clearer with Avelyn. I prefer Avelyn to Avelin though as the latter looks a little like javelin

    Avia, Lavinia, Avery, Waverly, Octavia, or Avril could be Avie
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    I prefer Avelyn from Avelin. It looks cuter in my eyes. Avelin seems like it misses a letter.

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    Avelyn is very pretty and sounds great with the sister name. I think the "y" spelling works best for the pronunciation you are seeking.
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    Thanks guys!! Do you all think Vivi could work as a nickname too or no? I was liking Aviva with nicknames Avie or Vivi but not sure if I like Avelyn better lol.


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    These two names are perfect together! Modern, on-trend, feminine, and sweet. Avienda and Avenida are other ways to get to nickname Avie, but for Avelyn I could see nickname Aly or Allie or Lynn.
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