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    Violet’s Sibling (Boy’s List)

    We’ve been playing around with names and have come up with this list of our favourites. WDYT? Which is your favourite brother name for our little Violet?

    Violet Felicity Cara &

    Arthur Bowie Finn
    Arthur Elliott Finn
    Arthur Louis Finn
    Arthur Jacoby Finn
    Arthur Sidney Finn
    Arthur Stanley Finn
    Arthur Zachary Finn
    Arthur Finley George
    Arthur Finley Jude
    Arthur Finley Miles
    Arthur Finnian George
    Arthur Finnian Jude
    Arthur Finnian Miles

    Edmund Augustus Finn
    Edmund Jacoby Finn
    Edmund Oliver Finn
    Edmund Tobias Finn

    Miles Alexander Finn
    Miles Augustus Finn
    Miles Theodore Finn
    Miles Zachary Finn
    Miles Finnian George
    Miles Finnian Jude

    Theodore Arthur Finn
    Theodore August Finn
    Theodore Bowie Finn
    Theodore Henry Finn
    Theodore Otis Finn
    Theodore Sidney Finn
    Theodore Stanley Finn
    Theodore Walter Finn
    Theodore Finley George
    Theodore Finley Jude
    Theodore Finley Miles

    Walter Augustus Finn
    Walter Bowie Finn
    Walter Jacoby Finn
    Walter Sidney Finn
    Walter Stanley Finn
    Walter Zachary Finn
    Walter Finnian George
    Walter Finnian Jude
    Walter Finnian Miles

    Zachary Arthur Finn
    Zachary August Finn
    Zachary Augustus Finn
    Zachary Otis Finn
    Zachary Tobias Finn
    Zachary Walter Finn

    Bonus points for any nickname/pet names we could use for Miles. Also, I know that Bowie is a bit different to the other names on the list as I did raise an eyebrow when DH first mentioned it but I’ve really grown to love it and I think the combos flow well. He’s a big David Bowie fan hence the suggestion. Theodore Bowie Finn was a strong contender if Violet had have been a boy. Thanks!
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    Violet Felicity Cara
    our little rainbow
    born Feb 2018

    Baby Number Two
    our second girl
    due Aug 2019

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    I like how excited you sound about the name Bowie. From my perspective you should pick Theodore Bowie Finn, if it was already one of your top picks prior to having Violet.

    On a side note, I really like Arthur with Violet; both sound very soft spoken, and have the same vintage vibe (but then again, so does Theodore).

    Arthur Combos I like:

    Arthur Elliott Finn
    Arthur Stanley Finn
    Arthur Finnian Jude
    Just for fun...GP/Combos I like...

    Spencer Rosemary
    Troian Esme
    Clarke Winona
    Dorothy Mae

    Harford Talon
    Isaac Hawthorne
    Hector Clay
    Victor Cove

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    So many great names to choose from!! I love

    Arthur Bowie Finn
    Arthur Elliott Finn
    Arthur Finley Jude
    Miles Alexander Finn
    Miles Finnian George
    Theodore Bowie Finn

    If I had to choose just one, I think it would be Arthur Bowie Finn
    (Or maybe Miles Finnian George)

    Milo could be a nn for Milo. Or if you use Alexander in the middle spot, maybe Max would work
    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Charlotte|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter
    Ezra Apollo|Sholto Felix|Lysander Henry|Percy Winter
    On re-reading Villette...
    Ginevra Scarlett|Lucy Tabitha/Gwyneira|Paulina Sylvie
    Graham Samson|Alfred Luca Sylvan|Paul Griffin

    More names!

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    Beatrix Hazel June was born September 27, 2018!

    Winifred ۰ Harriet ۰ Dorothea ۰ Josephine ۰ Agatha
    Violet ۰ Ruby ۰ Ivy ۰ Mae ۰ Olive ۰ Rosemary ۰ Louisa
    Alice ۰ Mavis ۰ Frances ۰ Eloise ۰ Isobel ۰ Marion
    Nell ۰ Mabel ۰ Willa ۰ Mamie ۰ Prudence ۰ Ramona

    Casper ۰ August ۰ Theodore ۰ Henry ۰ Linus ۰ Miles ۰ Oscar
    Fitzwilliam ۰ Rupert ۰ George ۰ Hugh ۰ Ellis ۰ Clement
    Alfred ۰ Archibald ۰ Augustus ۰ Albert ۰ Arthur ۰ Axel
    Magnus ۰ Hawthorne ۰ Barnaby ۰ Cecil ۰ Chester

    Full List

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    My favourite is Edmund Oliver miles!

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