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    Hi everyone! Just like @bluedanube I'm coming over from the TTC 2019 thread. I found out I'm pregnant this week, I should be about 5 weeks along and baby is probably due around November 8. I made an appointment with the obgyn yesterday, my appointment is in 3 weeks, so I should know more then.

    This is my second, but the first one for SO. So it's all familiar and completely new at the same time. This is my first planned pregnancy, my son Hjörtur was a surprise. I'm feeling optimistic and hopeful, but a little frightened at the same time. It's all very early. When I found out I was pregnant with Hjörtur I was already 10 weeks along (I suppose I was in denial), so this early stage thing is new to me.

    @cyoung: SO and I have been discussing names for months, and we've managed to come up with a shortlist of three (first) names for each gender. There's no guarantee it won't change. Right now, the names on our list are Greta, Lavinia and Magdalene for a girl, and Vincent, Magnus and Ellis for a boy. Vincent and Lavinia are our top runners. I feel some pressure to find the right name early on too, because I just want this out of the way so I can focus on other things (I worry a lot).
    I find girls names so much harder! I do love Lucy from the names you mentioned. I can understand you don't want to offend your SIL, and it can be tricky. Does she really expect you to honor her with baby's name?
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    @bluedanube Welcome and congratulations! How lucky you were on your first month of TTC especially after that long wait. I hope all goes well!

    @orchid_lover I really like Vienne. Is Irene a family name is just one you like? It's really pretty, but I never see it mentioned even on this website.

    @rosebeth Congratulations! The first trimester definitely is the most boring and it feels like it's just a long waiting game. Waiting for that first appointment, waiting to start showing, waiting to feel baby. And while you wait you get to feel sick and tired. Definitely not the most fun, but it'll pass soon enough!

    I love the names on your shortlist! I wish I could convince DH to use Greta but sadly he's pretty particular about names and it's been a hard no for both girls so far. I don't think my SIL expects to be honored with this babe, but she's super easily offended and using my brother's name is likely to upset her. To give some perspective, she literally wouldn't talk to us for weeks when we told her we were pregnant with Alice because she wasn't the first person we told.

    Regardless of how anyone else feels, we *think* we decided on names! We had Ruby on our short list for both girls but my mom ruined it by saying she refused to call a granddaughter Ruby. It's the only name that feels right though so I think we're settled on Ruby Danielle for now and David Frederik for a boy. This way I don't have to choose which of my brothers to honor and the baby's gender will decide for us haha!
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    @cyoung... I'm so sorry you have such touchy people to deal with. That is hard. I had a lady yell at me when I announced my daughter's name (at my baby shower!) about how much she would hate that name and how could I do that, etc. Pissed me right off, I had to leave the room. I think Ruby is lovely, and goes perfectly with your older two. Don't see why what she is named is up to anyone but you and your husband! Grandma should call her Ruby if that is her name!!

    @orchidlover Vienne Irene is really pretty! Curious, what is your husband's GP name for a boy?

    @rosebeth I love Lavinia and Vincent! My friend just named her baby Lavinia, as well. Magnus is also nice.

    I have been thinking about names for years, lol. Huge lists. I play Sims 2 and have neighborhoods full of wonderfully named sims just to relieve some of the tension, lol. Husband and I settled on a girl name when we were ready a couple years ago - Veridian Elora Luna - and that is still the one for both of us. Boy names have always been harder for me. I love Ulysses, he loves Valen (VAY-lin). I like Valen, just not as much as Ulysses, and it feels kind of match y to Veridian. I told him if we have a boy, this one can be Ulysses, and if we have another that one can be Valen. Lol.
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    Welcome @rosebeth!

    Everyone has such nice combos in mind! Some of my favorite names mentioned are Magdalene, Ruby and Veridian. I actually know of a little Valen but was always curious about his unique name (I still don't know the story behind it) Irene is a family name on DH's side but it's always been among my favorites of the more classic names, probably because the meaning is similar to that of my own name. I compromised with DH that if he would agree to TTC one last kiddo we can name it Geddy if it is a boy. He asked for Geddy Lee, which I laughed and said was too much, so he sold me on Geddy Alexander since Alexander (like Robert) is classic, common, has many nickname options and therefore seems like a good "fall back" name in case Geddy hates his first name. Then a couple of days later I realized that Alex Lifeson is the guitarist in Rush. LOL.

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    Hey everyone! I just found out I’m pregnant a few days ago after trying for a few months. I only got a BFP after 13 days late! This is DH and I’s 2nd. We wanted our babies close in age, and that they will be, 21 months apart! I’m due Nov. 2nd

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