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    IUD is GONE! Possible dilemma?

    Its official!! We are one step closer to TTC.

    We are trying to wait until the end of October. Mainly because we want the baby to arrive after my hubby is done with the Police Academy, not while he's in the final stretch of it.

    Here’s my slight two-part dilemma. We are getting married October 26th. I’ve continued to have a normal cycle the entire time I had my IUD. The main reason I decided to get it out early is that it gave me horrible cystic acne that I wanted gone before my wedding. However, if my cycle stays consistent with what it has been, I’ll get my period the day of my wedding.

    It’s been out for three days and my face is already clearing up. But I’m not wanting to deal with my cycle on my wedding day. So I got prescribed the Nuvaring. But now I’m faced with the choice of using the Nuvaring to skip my period for my wedding…. Orrrr giving my body a break from BC and letting it prepare itself for a baby?

    Second part of the dilemma. Hubby and I did the deed two days before IUD came out. According to my tracker and my ovulation pains, I ovulated the day in between. It never even crossed my mind that I could potentially get pregnant.

    I’ve heard stories of similar things happening and the woman getting pregnant. What do you think my odds are? The doctor told me spotting after the IUD removal and I’ve been bleeding bleeding. Like a normal period, with clots and everything. Do you think that maybe then if something were to occur, it wouldn’t implant?

    Obviously the timing wouldn’t be ideal but we would make it work and the child would be loved. It’s only a month and a half difference. I’m just kind of freaking out with the stress of the last minute wedding details and the hormone crash from taking the IUD out so my emotions are kind of all over the place.
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    I was bleeding the day of my wedding and, honestly, I was so preoccupied that I forgot!! I went to the bathroom at the reception and was like "oh yeah..." lol! If your period symptoms aren't usually too bad then I wouldn't stress about it. I certainly wouldn't go on more HBC just got that reason, but that's me.

    I personally think it's important to give your body the rest and recovery time before ttc. Birth control can do a number on your hormones, and they'll need time to settle for optimal conception chances and wellness.

    It is possible to conceive from sex as many as 9 days prior to ovulation to 3 days post ovulation, so it sounds like your sexy times was definitely an oops if you're not wanting to conceive right now. There is still only a 25% maximum chance of conception overall, and given the inflammation caused by the removal you are probably correct in thinking implantation wouldn't happen. Never say never though. Amazing things can happen. I hope you get the result you want.

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