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    Congratulations @brigx @bell's garden and @jackiebroadway!

    So our son was born on Saturday October 5th at 3:09 AM. I had some contractions on Friday, but I thought they were just braxton hicks contractions. But on Friday evening they were very regular, about every 5 minutes, and I realized that this was probably it... Fortunately Hjörtur was with his dad anyway, so we didn't have to worry about dropping him off and raced straight to the hospital. We arrived there at around 11:30 PM and less than 4 hours later our son was born, after just three pushes. We named him Barnabas Húni (for the meaning behind his name you can check the birth announcements). He was born at 35 weeks and 2 days, but was doing good. He stayed in the hospital for 6 days and last Friday we were able to bring him home. Hjörtur adores his little brother, but I think he's a bit disappointed he can't really play with him yet. He does help us out with changing Barnabas, and loves to show him things.

    @bluedanube: I quite like Virgil. I'm not sure where you live, but if it's an English speaking country I'd worry about the teasing potential (virgin?). For us that wouldn't be an issue, given where we live. And on the whole I think Virgil would work very well on a little boy.
    Mother to Hjörtur Emmanuel & Barnabas Húni

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