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    Welcome @jennynp and @daphodil!

    @cyoung325 yes that will be very nice to get some help. My MIL is so helpful with our toddler. Hope it works out for their move!

    My confirmation appointment was this morning, I didn't realize how nervous I would be about my blood pressure, but it was fine. The OBGYN also said I could take a low dose aspirin daily due to my history of gestational hypertension--studies show it can help prevent preeclampsia..that was news to me, I thought I had to totally avoid aspirin in pregnancy! So learned something new. Baby was in the uterus, only one baby, heartbeat was easy to find, and measured 8 weeks exactly which doesn't surprise me with the date I got my bfp and my 30-day cycle prior to getting pregnant. Ironic @cyoung325 because that moves my EDD to 10/4 which is the day before my son's birthday! Although I will be surprised if I make it to my due date. I hope they don't share a birthday! The OBGYN mentioned the Harmony test and I just found out my insurance covers it so I might be able to do that this time around instead of the NT test. If not, we got the NT scheduled for next month.

    Hope everyone is doing well! I have been very exhausted the past several days but am hoping to get back to my exercise routine this week after the good news at the appointment and I only work 20 hours this week
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    Hi ladies, how are you all doing? I'm 7+1 weeks today and have been feeling pretty nauseous these past days. Thankfully no vomiting, but I have to eat constantly to keep the nausea at bay. The days are going by very quickly, but this time I have an active toddler to keep my mind occupied
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    It's been a while but nothing really changed this last week. I had my first prenatal appointment today and all is good. Apparently they won't schedule my c section until near the end of the 2nd trimester which is a bit disappointing. I was hoping to know the exact date soon. The only thing my doctor suggested was starting to wean my daughter since the high levels of prolactin can somehow affect this baby. I never heard that before but she's almost 10 months old and I was already thinking of dropping a feed or two soon. I'm not feeling too bad yet. Just some nausea here and there and I'm exhausted, but that could be from chasing 2 kids around all day!

    Anyone start talking about names yet with your SO? We have two great boy combos, but I can't get on board with any girl names. I love Alice & Clara and I want to love this name too yet everything is either a complete no or just meh to me. DH likes Mary, Daisy, and Lucy and I'm just okay with them. I also think I decided not use Audrey as a middle after my SIL because of our rocky relationship. I want another honor middle but the only girl name we have is Elizabeth which is my middle. I'm starting to think maybe Danielle or Daniella after my brother I'm close to, but then I'm walking right into offending my SIL. Ugh it feels so much harder this time around! We like to pick names early on so we can refer to baby by name as soon as we find out the gender so I'm feeling some pressure to find THE NAME asap. I realize there's plenty of time and yet I don't think time will help any. Sorry for rambling! I just feel I have no one to vent to and DH isn't great with name advice.
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    Cautiously joining! I'm 4 weeks and have gotten 2 BFPs. Scheduling an appointment with the midwife this morning. Based on my ovulation day and 32-day cycle, my EDD is November 13. This is my 3rd and I have been ready for a LONG time, lol. This will be my husband's first. When he caught up to My being ready, we had to put our plans on hold for 2 years due to an unexpected move, but here we are finally... BFP on my first cycle after removing my 10 year old IUD. I'll take that luck but I will feel better after hearing a heartbeat. I am overly anxious about everything developing normally - there is so much fear mongering towards "older" parents - husband is 37 and I am 34 - and this just all felt so easy. I'm terrified of it being an EL but really trying to remain positive (and mostly succeeding!) It's just too early for me to announce to my kids or my Facebook world, lol. I knew NB would understand

    My other 2 are much older. Oldest will be 15 when this one arrives, and youngest just turned 10. Funny enough, they are getting a baby sister over at their dad's at the end of April, so I'm a little worried they'll be unexcited by the prospect of having to deal with babies at both houses. I'm hoping this will be the first baby of 3 for us. I'm a planner, have it all mapped out. Hoping to wait 16 months between each, so all you mamas with 2 or 3 or more under 5, I'm hoping I can learn a few things from you!

    Congratulations everyone!
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    Glad to hear everyone is doing fairly well

    Welcome @bluedanube! Best wishes for continued smooth sailing. I'm more calm now but before the first appointment I was also much more nervous than with our first due to increasing age and therefore risk of complications. The fact that more friends have experienced MC as I get older probably had something to do with it.

    We're not set on middle names but have a good idea on first names. If it's a boy, we'll probably go with my husband's favorite "guilty pleasure" name. For a girl it will likely be Vienne. I hope we would go with Vienne Irene. Oh and @cyoung I love Clara!

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