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    It seems like this thread is moving slowly. I hope that means everyone is enjoying their summer!

    We are 26w3d now and I'm nearing my glucose test which is more annoying than anything. I failed the 1 hour last pregnancy and while I passed the 3 hour it was much harder. I'm really hoping I don't have to do that this time around. Lucy is moving lots lately and we're getting more serious about moving Clara out of the nursery. Hope everyone else is doing well!
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    This thread is really very slow. I check it nearly every day (especially since I'm at home with not much else to do), but I usually don't post anything because I'm just talking to myself

    Things are slowly getting better here, blood pressure is good and I'm feeling less anxious. If nothing changes for the worst I'll be going back to work next Monday. I'm looking forward to that, but on the other hand I'll miss spending more time with Hjörtur. On top of that this month is incredibly busy for SO at work, so it'll take some serious planning now that Hjörtur's off kindergarten. He'll be spending a few weeks with his dad too. SO and I both have time off in August.
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    I havent been active much either. My computer is giving me lots of problems so just been using my phone which is hard to do a reply to threads. I've fixed my computer once so far and just really dont have the energy to do it again. I should probably get it looked at but you know its kind of on the back burner right now.

    I've been working, enjoying my summer when I can, and enjoying my little bean growing even more. I recently caught a stomach bug from my kids at work so the end of this week wasnt that fun. Nothing stayed down for at least a day but finally back to normal. Shes moving so much more! I feel like I feel almost every movement she makes but probably not.

    The best news is little bean has a name! Margaret "Maggie". I'm not settled on middle name completely bit nothing has one upped margaret kate.
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