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    Middle name for Emily that honors our moms ...

    I’m expecting a girl in April and while I’m pretty sure we’re going with Emily, I’m stumped for a middle name. Our other two are Adrian James and Bianca Bernadette and each middle name is a nod to our dads, the kids’ grandfathers. So with our third (and last) I wanted to somehow honor both our moms. The problem is their names are Maria Caridad (nickname Cary) and Marta. Maria and Marta are so similar that they’re hard to combine. Martia sounds weird and made-up. I also thought Marty (combining Marta with Cary) but I’m pretty sure my husband won’t go for that. My friend suggested just removing the problem letter and using Mara, but I don’t love that name. I thought about birth months but they’re March and July. The only commonality I’ve found is that the July birthstone is ruby and one of the pisces stones is also ruby. So ... Emily Ruby? I don’t know. Help!

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    I know it's not overally similar but Emily Marcia?
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    How about just using the first syllable of both - Mar?

    Emily Marlowe
    Emily Martelle
    Emily Mariam
    Emily Marissa
    Emily Marcelle

    Or, go with a virtue type name that personifies both of your mothers?

    Emily Love (I really like this!)
    Emily Amora
    Emily __________ whatever word fits the bill.

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    One I thought of was Emily Carita (combining the "Car" from Caridad and the "ta" from Marta).

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