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    Personally, I don't LOVE it, but I do like it. My style definitely leans towards "old lady names" though so I can understand why others don't like it. The nicknames Bear and Berry are both adorable. I do prefer Meryl though, I think.
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    I'm not a huge fan tbh. It reminds me of Benadryl for whatever reason....and obviously beryllium.
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    I agree it sounds like Barrel. I sympathize with the poster who talked about "big barrel". That's awful. Bullying is real, it is disgusting. That being said, I have known a boy named June who never was bullied. And I've known Sarah who have.. I think generally kids are bullied for reasons beyond their name. I personally wouldn't let the resemblance of Barrel sway me from the name. I actually think of Barrel, and could see it on a cute western cowgirl type. I definitely think it's usable, just not my favourite. What WOULD sway me is the fact I like Bernice and Bernadette over Beryl. The other thing that would make me inclined to say no for you, is you don't seem to love it. You should love your child's name, even in the circumstance of honoring someone important to you. If you don't love Beryl, Betty or any of the Bernice variants, I would slide it to the middle name spot and go with something you like.

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    It's interesting that she wishes that was her name--what a difference in generational tastes! I wonder what her associations with it are. I recently heard it while rewatching Downton Abbey--it's the cook's first name.

    I want to like it as I tend to love clunky, 'old lady' names but the sound just doesn't appeal to me. You could use it as a middle name? But I like Bernice, Bernadette, or Beatrice better.
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    Best if used as a middle name, otherwise it's a Beryl of laughs.

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