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    Post Naming a Pet Character

    I created these four characters over a year ago and I need your help coming up names for them.

    1) A big orange overweight dog, He is the oldest of the four and a long time pet of the house. He is serious, smart, honest, humble, optimistic, wise, understanding , level-headed, independent dog and is also the voice of reason.

    2) A tuxedo cat, who lives with the other three pets and second-oldest of the pet, She is best described as sassy, feisty, kind, loving, caring, intelligent, free-spirited, street-smart whose sometimes mean or snarky but nevertheless she still the cat you will like. She usually messes with big orange dog.

    3) A small brown rat, he is the youngest member of the group, He's usually the one who always knows what to do make the decision better. He is active, optimistic, positive, adventurous, calm. helpful, considerate of the four.

    4) A red parrot, he is usually the most serious one of the group, who usually hang out or be around the other three sometimes. He is sarcastic, cynical, quiet, no-nonsense, uptight bird who doesn't like the animals to mess the up the house when their owner is gone.

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    Freddy, Odette, Buttons, Squawk

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    1) either Winston or Stanley
    2) i like Lola, Blair, or Blaze
    3) Ace, Axel, Ax, Jax, or Crash
    4) Skittles (I would think it’s funny because he’s this no nonsense bird but has a goofy name)
    ☾|| Dreamer ||☽

    Little Laddies
    Finian ❆ Killian “Kit” ❅ Odin ❆ Grayson ❅ Seamus ❆ Tobias ❅ Silas ❆ Keegan ❅ Judah ❆ Arlington “Arlo” ❅ Remington ❆ Archer “Archie”

    Little Ladies
    Primrose ❉ Charlotte ❈ Kaeden ❉ Arya ❈ Astrid ❉ Scotland ❈ Indigo ❉ Emerson ❈ Persephone

    Grayson Wilder ❖ Silas Gray ❖ Everest Quill ❖ Odin Tobias ❖ Charlotte Oleander ❖ Kaeden LouiseAdelaide River ❖ Scotland Primrose ❖ Judah Evergreen ❖ Keegan Hawthorne ❖Joshua Arlington

    honor names

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