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    Mobile version getting worse and worse

    I have enjoyed this website and forum for a long time, bit in the last few weeks the mobile version has become almost unusable for me.
    1. The search tool dissapeared from the sidebar, so I had to find it in the menu. Not the end of the world except that the menu stays up the whole time so it thinks I am clicking different things when I am trying to search.
    2. The search option is now gone from the menu so I am unable to search.
    3. I am unable to add any names to my lists. When I click 'add to my list' there is no longer a drop down menu of my lists, it just tries to make a new list every time.
    4. Whenever I try to type something in the forum the menu pops up in from the entire time, so I am unable to see the what I am writing. If I need to fix something I wrote it tries to bring me to differebt areas of the site via the menu.

    Can anyone shed some light on this? If I cant keep using my list then I will have to switch to a different site, which is a shame because I like this one.
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    I haven't been using mobile, but I have been having the same issue with adding to lists on my computer. I'd also love to know what's going on.

    Meanwhile, to work around it I have been going to my lists, scrolling to the bottom and clicking 'edit this list'. Then scroll down to the bottom again and you can type in new names and choose which gender they're for. It's not the most convenient but it does work. I hope this helps and keeps you on the site until someone who knows more can reply
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    I can no longer access Nameberry from any device but my laptop. I receive error messages on my phone and tablet.

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    Yep, I can no longer use the advanced search filter on my kindle. It works on my laptop, though.

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    Hi all,

    I’m so sorry to hear about all the issues you’ve been having.

    When did this start? Is it something that’s been happening since the site update, or before?

    Could I also ask what devices/browsers you’re all using? Have you installed all the latest updates on both?

    Many thanks.
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