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    Long Awaited Arrival

    After 10 years of TTC #2, we didn’t believe it would ever happen, but our sweet girl arrived 1/7 at 40+5!

    Cordelia Scarlett Rae is a precious addition to our family. Big sister Aria Lang Wilkes is over the moon with her arrival and has stepped in as a second momma already.

    Cordelia’s name is in honor of multiple family members. Cordelia is in honor of Great Grandmother Shirley and a nod to my favorite literary character from childhood Anne Shirley.

    Scarlett is a family surname and a nod to her dad’s favorite movie Gone With the Wind.

    Rae is my middle name and a nod to grandfather Raymond.

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    Congrats! I LOVE her name!
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    Congrats! Cordelia Scarlett Rae is perfect.

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    Big congrats especially after such a long wait! Love the name Cordelia.
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    Beautiful name and story! Congratulations.
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