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    Middle name for Sloane?

    My baby girl is due in July, and we're leaning toward Sloan(e) as a first name. Nothing seems to be jumping out as a perfect middle name for me yet. I think I want something slightly more feminine, I tend to like unusual names. Some others on my list (to get a sense of my "style") are Aria, Calla, Ember, Maven, Piper, Rogue.

    I like the names my mom picked for my sisters and I: Brynne Carra Norelle, Maryn Eilish Grace, Vida Linnea.

    Any ideas?? Her last name will be hyphenated, too, and I want to stick to just one middle name.

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    More names!

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    How funny to see this today! My name is Sloane, and my birthday is in July

    My middle name is Grace, and I think it goes with Sloane really nicely.

    I also like:

    Sloane Elise (or Annalise)
    Sloane Margot
    Sloane Carmen
    Sloane Eliza
    Sloane Darcy
    Sloane Drew
    Sloane Camille
    Sloane Isla
    Sloane Paige
    Sloane Adelaide
    Sloane Giuliana

    I also think Aria or Maven would sound lovely!
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    Awesome! Thanks for the replies, both of you.

    @wildblue that's so funny and cool!

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    Sloane Brielle was the first thing that came to mind!

    You and your sisters have lovely names!

    I adore Sloane!

    Would you consider Honor names or double middles ?

    Sloane Vida Grace
    Sloane Maryn Linnea
    Sloane Carra Eilish

    Other ideas:

    Sloane Tallulah
    Sloane Arabella
    Sloane Carys
    Sloane Elisha
    Sloane Marnie
    Sloane Tatum
    Sloane Felicity
    Sloane Elsbeth
    Sloane Zeta
    Sloane Carly
    Sloane Caroline
    Sloane Michaela
    Sloane Bellamy
    Sloane Daphne
    Sloane Priscilla
    Sloane Cordelia
    Sloane Emmeine
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