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    Classic but unusual girl names and middle names?

    At least for girls, I tend to like names that have a history but are still not used quite as often, if that makes sense. Elegant but not overly posh, and unusual enough to be interesting without being too far out there. Names like this are sort of a tradition in my family, for example Ingrid Anne (my name) or Mariette Drew.

    For the girl I'm expecting some names I like currently are Emilia, Simone, Elsbeth, Lilah, Winifred, Evelyn, etc. but I'm not so good at middle names. Also, I like Addie and Mara as nicknames but am unsure about what they'd be short for.

    Thoughts on middle names for these? Or potential first names with a similar feel? Surname sounds like Brannon, we're open to double or single names, unisex or less feminine, potential nicknames, different combinations... we're early in the process of brainstorming, the only hard limit is we don't like word names. Aside from that, anything goes - any thoughts or suggestions you may have!

    EDIT: I'm aware some of these names have become more popular in recent years, but not so much in the area where we plan to raise her. Emilia specifically is also a feminization of my late grandfather's name.
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    From the ones you've listed, I really like Emilia, Elsbeth and Evelyn!

    Emilia Simone, Elsbeth Clara and Evelyn Holly would be sweet

    Some more suggestions:
    Adele 'Addie'
    Marissa 'Mara'
    Tamara 'Mara'
    Adelaide 'Addie' (maybe a bit much though?)
    Francine 'Frankie'
    Emmeline 'Emmie' 'Milly'
    Rosemary 'Romy'

    Some combos:

    Celine Elizabeth
    Rosemary Leah 'Romy'
    Heidi Camille
    Nadine Lucy 'Deenie'
    Adele Matilda 'Addie'
    Tamara Kate 'Mara'
    Emmeline Frances
    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Charlotte|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter
    Tristan Wilder|Everett Orion|Ezra Apollo|Otto Elias

    Some rearranging....
    Noel Endymion & Leon Percival * Cleo Francesca & Cole Jameson
    Elsie Jemima & Elise Tabitha * Adrian Lyle & Nadira Lucille
    Evan Reilly & Neva Eloise * May Anneliese & Amy Valentina

    More names!

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    I love Simone. WHy not choose someone to honor for the middle name?

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    How worried are you about it being unusual? Of course this depends where you are in the world, but Evelyn is extremely popular now (although gorgeous) and the pronunciation of Emilia is pretty much indistinguishable from the very, very popular Amelia (although fwiw I also think both Emilia and Amelia are lovely names).

    I think Simone is a great choice, familiar and easy to spell but not commonly used.

    In terms of Addie and Mara:

    Adeline, Adelaide, Adele, Ada, Adriana, Adrienne, Adela or even Astrid would work?

    Amara, Marianne, Maria, Damarys, Maren/Marin, Marigold, Marlow
    *M@rgot J0sephine, born 2015*
    *Baby #2 due 2019: N@th@niel Fr@nk?*

    Ada Coralie // Agatha Beatrice // Anouk Imogen // Azelie Beatrice // Anya Seraphine // Cassia Agnes // Colette Alexandra // Flora Juliet // Ida Antonietta // Leonora Blythe // Mattea August // Nina Beatrice // Sylvie Rafaela // Sylvia Blythe // Tess Alexandra // Vivien Matilda // Vita Francesca //

    August Henry // Casper Frank // Ansel Frank // Frank Henry // Gabriel Frank // Henry Frank (Hal) // Nathaniel Frank //

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